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Yes, I hate you too sometimes.

Hey Cal Poly, I turned in my time conflict form so I could finally be put into Art 133. You guys were supposed to put me in the class yesterday, but my schedule on my.calpoly says I'm not in it. Wtf?

Hey Annaliese, this is Cal Poly. You're actually in the class, but the computers don't know it yet. (hur hur hur) You'll appear in the class sometime before the eighth day of class. =D

Hey Cal Poly, I only ran around getting those signatures and turning that paper in so I could make sure I had a spot in one of the labs. I actually want to be in a later lab, but I needed to be in ONE of them. So... now this entire endevor is pointless? If I do get into the right lab, I'll have to drop the other one, but I won't be able to do that until the eighth day of class? Whoop-de-doo.

Hey Annaliese, sorry, we just like to make it annoying and hard for you students.


I get to be on campus from 7:40-7pm tonight. WOOOOOOOO. I have breaks, but none of them are long enough to go home. I can't wait until I get my laptop. Until then... I'll just have to read Artemis.
Tags: artemis, school, whine
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