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Well isn't this peachy

School started again. My schedule doesn't seem to devistating, but it's only Monday.

I only had one class today, a 12-3 lecture. I kept dozing off. Sorry, but I don't find profit margins and liability ratios interesting. Plus, I felt like I got no sleep last night because I had a dream that Debu-sensei Mori-sensei was teaching me math. UGH. I never want to see that woman again. I woke up at 5am and didn't want to go back to bed. >_<;;

Before class I had to turn in a time conflict form which they could not process because I had fees on my record... fees that turned out to be for classes I haven't even gone to yet. Whatever. I took care of those fees, but had to get to class, so the nice lady told me that she would take care of the papers for me. But, I got back after class and checked, and I'm not enrolled in the class yet... I tried to use the permission number I had gotten earlier, but it said I had time conflicts. Duh, that's why I filled out the time conflict form and got a million people to sign it. I just hope the system is being its usual retarded self and will actually show me as enrolled for the class soon.

Nur and I went to get Slurpees, and that was nice. My professor for the lecture I had today was there too. Strange. I got my package from Akadot... I bought two cheap copies of GanGans from last year... one came with can badges and the other came with a FMA mousepad, poster, and alternate dust jacket. The mousepad is about the coolest mousepad ever. I also bought a Kitty!Train patch (but where should I put it? Hm....), and a really awesome Giant Robo toy. Most of his body is metal! Now I have a prop for my Daisaku costume. Nur and I watched Heroic Legend or something, which has so-so character designs (except for the awesome main character and mech), but seems pretty cool.

But then... I had to get to work. Pages and pages and pages of corrections. And most of them just script changes. ARG. Please figure out most of the script before I get it! (okay, It is MY job to do whatever corrections are needed, I'm just angry today!) And, after throwing away all the pages that had no corrections on them, I saw that I had an e-mail that said I needed to send all the pages back when I was done with them. Oh... damn.... okay. ...some of the pages are wrinkled and smashed, but they should all be there now. Needless to say, by this time, the crap with school, being tired from that stupid nightmare, and having all these pages to fix has put me in a very bad mood.

THEN, I find out a friend's completely awesome dog passed away. I only got to see this dog a couple times, but he was so cute and loveable... and just seemed like an all-around great dog. RIP, Zippo. :(

There is one really good thing about today though... Happy Birthday, Nik! I'd make that all big and linky and stuff, but I'm really not feeling up to making things big and happy right now. Sorry.

Casey & Friends is my new crazy-angry cool thing to watch. Whatever that means.
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