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Since when do they show that?

Whoa, they show the Nodame Cantabile jdrama here on Sunday nights. Too bad I found out about this at about 10:27, and it's on 9:30 to 10:30.

I hit some sort of personal record yesterday... lettered/touched up 39 pages of this new volume of work. That brings me up to page 52 (Although I skipped the 'story so far' pages). My goal is to get to page 100 by the time I leave for SLO next Sunday. I still have to do the 'story so far' pages for this volume and the last and the color page from last volume. It's not hard, I just don't want to do it. =P

Wataru's sword is coming along splendidly. The construction of it is pretty much complete, I just need to make it pretty by doing touch up work and painting. My mom is starting to help me with my Shanks pants, and I'm going to switch out the buttons on my Daisaku jacket tonight. I bought two wigs, one for Shanks and one for Daisaku, which I hope I will get to try to style tonight. We'll see how lazy I feel. =D

Oh and History Channel? I love you. Your primetime civil war and WWII programming generally bores me, but you show such interesting programs late at night and during the day. I learned about ancient megamachines last night and samurai this morning. ♥ Delightful!
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