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New Manga, Back Home

I'm at home for spring break and will be here until about the first of April. It's nice to be home... I'm getting my Wataru sword together (thanks to the amazing help from my dad, he's done most of it), working on the Bleach doujin, working on Viz stuff... I'm feeling pretty productive. =D I also got the new script for the next volume of Viz work, so happy day I'm hoping to get about a hundred pages of that done by the time the new quarter starts.

My dad and I went to Kinokuniya after I arrived in San Jose on Thursday afternoon. It hurts not being able to go there more than once every three months. And my wallet hurts everytime I am able to go! But I was able to find just about everything on my list! (and am only $100 poorer!... only.)

Asuka April 2007- My only regular Japanese magazine. This month came with a really neat Battery (baseball series) poster. I always make fun of Battery, but this poster is pretty hot, so I'm considering seriously checking it out now.

Bleach v26- Because I always buy Bleach. This volume has Jyuu-chan in it, so it's 10x cooler than usual. It's especially good since I don't have many physical Jyuu-chan references to look off of while working on the doujin.

Brave Story v11, v12- I can't believe they had Brave Story there. Wataru continues to be awesome and Mitsuru continues to be a cooler Sasuke. Which makes him an annoying and horrible character (IMO), but much better than Sasuke. >=3

Demon Sacred v9- Something terrible happened to my second favorite character, and the owner of my favorite character is really worried. The situation provided some adorable scenes. =3

Detective Conan v56- Wheee, Takagi and Sato cuteness!

Gnetou Club v2- They didn't have volume 1, so I'll have to deal with just having volume 2 for now. I've been stealing Nur's copies so often, I really needed to get my own. I want to draw Raito~! Maybe I will tonight...

Magic Kaito v4- The first Magic Kaito volume in 12 years! It's so cool to see how the art changed over that time. Gah, Kaitou KID is still one of my manga idols. So. Damn. Awesome.

Mieru Hito v7- Ah, the end of Mieru Hito. Such fine art! The end was pretty confusing though... they were fighting, then they were friends? And where did that character come from? Oh, I need to learn more Japanese!

Nazo no Murasame-kun v2- No one else loves this series, so I'll give it lots of love.

Nora v8- I think this may be the last volume? I had seen an image for a new Nora series, so I was worried about some of the characters, but it if it is the end, it ended well for me. I'm glad it finished before Monthly Jump ended!

Overtime v1- Like Murasame-kun, no one gives this series any love, so I'll give it lots. I love the baseball stuff, and Takami's wings are really cool. I think his name is Takami, I haven't read it since it finished its run in Weekly Jump.

Soul Eater v8- As always, I LOVE the style of this series! I'm a little disappointed in where the story is going though... not that's it's BAD, it's just not where I want it to go. It seems to be getting a little darker too...

Tegamibachi v1- Nur has a copy, but I needed my own copy. Couriers. Couriers. COURIERS. And guns. And cool landscapes. And a cute little girl. I want more!! T_T

I also got the next two volumes I'll be working on for Viz. Right afterwards, I got a message from my editor asking if I needed a copy of one of them. Whoops! Oh well!

Now I must head back to work! Lots to do! Lots to do!
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