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Digimon Gijinka!

Well, I still haven't gotten to the Patamon and Gabumon gijinka pictures, or the TKxKairi pairing picture, but I thought I'd post the few I had gotten done. I don't want to keep everyone who requested waiting. I'll probably get the others done over break. I really want to make the Gabumon one cute. I have some fun ideas for that one.

Thanks ImageShack!
Azulongmon for dev_chieftain. She requested dragon digimon, so jennmenchi and I picked a few dragon digimon out. Azulongmon is this old man-ish digimon in Tamers, so I tried to use that... I need to practice drawing old people.

Thanks ImageShack!
HishaRyuumon for dev_chieftain. I got tired of drawing scales. One of this digimon's attacks is to turn into a giant sword. Pretty cool.

Thanks ImageShack!
Dorugreymon for dev_chieftain. He was my favorite of the dragons to draw. Please ignore his wonky hand.

Thanks ImageShack!
Kyuubimon for pentox. I love Renamon and her digivolutions, so this was really fun to draw. I want to draw her more!

Requests are still open!!

It was also time to do another 30_kisses picture, so...

Title: A Symbol of my Affection
Artist: ensuing
Pairing: Ukitake Jyuushiro x Kurosaki Ichigo
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: G
Theme: #11, gardenia
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, they belong to the great Kubo Tite!

Thanks ImageShack!
I think that gardenia looks too much like a cabbage! O_o;; And it looks like Ichigo is eating it...


Thanks ImageShack!
I love this boy so much!
Tags: anime, bleach, digimon, doodles, ichijyuu
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