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Projects, Projects, Projects

I don't know if it's the fumes from the rubber cement I've been using on my project tonight or what, but it's feels like I'm floating. More specifically, it feels like my chair is floating and so it's carrying me. Strange.

After (pretty much) finishing the volume of work for Viz early this week, I had a couple great days of not worrying about much at all. I rewatched some fun movies. Then reality struck and I realized I had two huge projects due this coming Tuesday and three fun fun finals. It doesn't help that I still have to get my taxes redone after my karate final this Saturday AND that I may have to re-letter the entire volume of work I just turned in. So far it looks like I don't have to redo most the sfx. (phew) Silly me, and here I thought my weekend was busy enough already.

My fingers are a bit sore from cutting out lots of little pictures of Kale for my Art Journal. The theme of my journal this quarter is him and the journal will about him coming from a world of black and white to a world of color to deliver letters (also known as doing his job, because he's a courier). Kind of silly little story without much base, but I love Kale and it works well enough. I mostly blame the band Guster for the idea though... I was listening to their song "What You Wish For" on my way home from school today and one line really stuck out for me... "once had a dream, crashed down in Oz, not black and white, but where the colors are." Pretty fitting for a journal I had already decided to name "Color in a World of Black and White" and use Kale for. I got a lot of work done on that today, I really just need to glue things down and type a bit about each project.

Nur bought Gentou Club last week and I've stolen it from him been really enjoying it. It's really a shame it's only two volumes. I really love the character designs and artwork. The story is really awesome too... from what my poor Japanese can make out. I'd love to do fanart for it, but I need to get through these projects and tests beforehand! @_@

edit: Also, I'd love it if Oh Great wrote a third volume for Majin Devil. After meaning to reread the second volume for weeks, I finally did. Awesome awesome awesome story. I love brains over brawn sorts of things. Dekoppa power!
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