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I hate the IRS and miss music

WARNING! Whining ensues. Whining is followed by happy things.

Called my parents this morning, like I do every Sunday. Talked a bit about this and that and found out my parents sold our piano. My mom says that there was no reason to keep it since no one plays it anymore. I told her that I play it, but she told me she hasn't heard me play in years. Well, of course not... I only get to play it when I'm home and most of the time I'm home, no one else is. Plus, it's embarrassing to play it around most people because I'm so much worse than I was when I was still in high school. I told her that they should get a keyboard or a xylophone then, so I can play music once in a while and stop losing what little musical skill I have. I also brought up that fact that I still haven't gotten the "professional instrument" that my brother and sister got. Ahhh, to explain that... When we all started playing music, we got beginner instruments. I got a snare drum, my bro got an alto sax, my little sister got a trumpet. When we got into high school, our parents got us nicer instruments... my brother got a really nice saxophone, my sister got a nice trumpet. I got... a pair of mallets. I don't like entitlement mentalities, but come on... I feel left out here. Her response was I never used my snare drum, so there was no point in getting me a nicer instrument. Well, no duh I never played my snare drum. I got to play for a year and then was moved to bells because snares are for boys and bells are for girls. (I still hate you, Mr. Boyd!!! You and your sexist ideas!) Why practice something I'm not even going to use? I switched to specializing on mallet percussion. I would always joked with my parents about getting me a xylophone, but it is a very expensive instrument. So, the piano (which we had been playing for years) was an okay instrument to at least figure out parts of my music on. I really did always want a xylophone...

When I came to college, I decided not to join a musical group. I love music, but I did not want to put the time into practicing. I'll admit, I'm lazy. Still, I could go home every break and relax by pulling out an old Phantom of the Opera piano book or digging out my Escaflowne sheet music. What am I going to do now? I had some new songs I wanted to try out this break! I really do miss music... I always looked forward to playing when I got home... now I can't do that at all! I talked to my dad about the piano, and he said that he thought we had a keyboard someplace... I told him that not only did that keyboard absolutely suck (I think it was maybe 2.5 octaves and you could only play two keys at a time), but I think mommy gave it away.

I'm really, really sad about losing the piano. My parents had been talking about it for years, but I always told them I would take it when I had the space in my apartment. But now... I guess I could try to buy a keyboard, but I'm trying to be better with my money, especially since I'm going to be buying a laptop soon...

THEN, my dad asked me about my taxes. I got my taxes done ages ago. But one trust foundation didn't send out their paperwork until over a week after I got my taxes done (and e-filed). They attached a paper saying that the IRS hadn't approved the paperwork they sent, so maybe it is right, maybe it is not. I decided to completely ignore it (probably not a good idea, but I was SO DONE with taxes). My dad told me I cannot ignore these papers in any way and that I really need to redo my taxes. Thanks a lot, trust foundation. Your stupidity has caused my quite a bit of stress. And you, IRS, this wouldn't be a problem if your tax forms made a lick of sense. You guys both suck. Also, why do I have to pay about 20% of my income as taxes when if I wasn't a freelancer, I would probably be paying a fraction of that? I hate you guys with a burning passion. Please make your forms make at least a TINY bit of sense so I wouldn't be pulling my hair out EVERYTIME I LOOK AT YOUR PAPERWORK.

Also, I'd like to stop giving you so much. Just because I'm a freelancer doesn't mean I like getting raped for taxes. I'm barely earning enough to keep myself above the poverty line (if I'm even above the poverty line).

I get to go into the tax people who took care of my taxes this next Saturday and see if they can fix it. I get to do this right after my Karate final that I'm really worried about. *JOY*

Needless to say, it wasn't a very fun conversation with my parents this morning.

Nur and I headed downtown after I blew up at the IRS after that phone call. We went to Phoenix Books and I bought a super-sexy version of The Amber Spyglass (which I'm rereading right now) for about a third of what I'd pay for it new. I got another new fantasy book that I had heard about. Hopefully it's good. Nur bought an Asimov book and the second Artemis Fowl book. We also stopped by the local craft store and I picked up buttons for my Shanks costume and some of the buttons for my Daisaku costume. I'm hoping I'll get to sew the Shanks buttons on tonight. We got food at Costco, bought my sister the last part of her late birthday present (I hope she likes it), and got groceries. I cheered up quite a bit, yaaay.

But now I'm sad about the piano again.
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