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Anime to look forward to?

Thanks to everyone who messaged me about my last post. It's great having such kind friends! After drowning my sorrows in about twenty chapters of Reborn, I'm feeling much better. ^_^

I've been checking out some upcoming anime series that I'll probably be checking out...

jen_kat posted something about this on her journal. The art looks pretty cool and I'm really curious about it. Too bad Moon Phase doesn't have a date for it yet... all it says is "2007."

Seto no Hanayome
I've read a bit of the manga and enjoyed it, but what really catches me is their website. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, it's by Gonzo, who has completely disappointed me lately... the only well-animated thing I've watched by them in a long time was Brave Story(♥♥♥), which had beautiful animation but pretty nasty CG (imo). Still, I'll give it a chance with an open mind... I've watched a lot of Gonzo shows and really enjoyed them, even through the lazy/ugly animation/CG.

I'll probably at least check out Blue Dragon as well. I'm not a fan of Toriyama character designs, but I enjoy the manga running in Jump now, so if it's anything at all like it, it could be pretty fun.
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