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Digimon Requests, A-GOOO!

I blame Thy for this. 100%.
Thanks ImageShack!

I'm going to start taking requests for Digimon couples and gijinka (human-version) Digimon.

1. Request as many as you want, but there is no guarantee that they will get done. I'll do my best to do at least one request per person, but no promises. I'm pretty bad at owing art.
2. Quality is bound to vary like mad. This is for both fun and practice.
3. As for pairings, I'll (attempt to) draw anything except loli/shota and rape (OH GOD NO), but please only request characters from the same series. Human, Digimon, it matters not. Crack is cool too!

Why did I start listening to and watching Digimon stuff again? XD;;

Also, have I mentioned that I love Togari? Because I do. A lot. I'm rereading the series for the third or forth time, and this panel still kills me. XD
Tags: anime, digimon, doodles
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