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Hoooo Rain.

Wow, it's really raining outside. I'm glad it didn't rain when I have my color theory lab, but now I have to hurry to school while trying to keep my gi dry. HAHAHA, and after I get out of karate, it won't matter if I use an umbrella or raincoat, because I'll aready be drenched in sweat! (although I don't seem to sweat nearly as much as most other people in the class... am I not working as hard? Hmmmm)

Karate though... it's pretty cool. I'm not very good at it, especially the first katta we have to do for our final. We just started learning the first fugu(is it really fugu?) katta, which I think I almost have memorized. And it's only been one day. WOO.

But damn. Lots of rain. I like rain.
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