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Making the Straw Hat Flag

A little over a week ago, I spent a good twelve+ hours in a twenty-four hour window attempting to make a flag with the Straw Hat Pirate symbol on it for Minna no Anime's booth for Open House. It was a great learning experience, but I worked so long and hard on it I was out of commision for just about everything else for the next three days. X_x;;

The flag was actually very inexpensive to make. The base is a $10 sheet from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I split in half so Audrey, who is making the flag for the Red-Haired Pirates, could use the rest. The other fabric was all from the bargin area of a local fabric store. I think it cost me... maybe $7 dollars? To top it off, I used five spools of cheap thread (really cheap, 25 cents each). So, very cheap stuff, but hey, it all works!

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The white fabric I was using was not opaque enough, so I doubled it up. That means I had to cut out a lot of bones! There was probably an easier way to do this, but I couldn't think of one.

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Trying to figure out where the eyes would go and how big they were going to be. I was also trying to get the right length for the hat brim.

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Okay! Eyes cut out!

About this time, I found that we had a lot of little scraps sitting around, so Nur and I had a bit of fun. Meet Mr. McWilikens!
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We were playing with chocolate coins. It's the first time I actually had a good use for my Kaitou KID monocle. XD

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Okay! It's all pinned down! All I need to do now is... sew the whole thing...

Sewing only took from about 7am to 4:45pm (with about two hours of breaks).

And then....
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It turned out pretty hideously.

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............Things don't line up properly, things puff out strangely, it looks a bit off, but it is DONE. It took so, so, so much thread to do all those tight stiches... I had to go over some of the areas twice too. >_>;;

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These are the pages I painted swatches on for my second project in Color Theory. It's about ten hours of work.

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This is how it turned out. I got an A/A-! Yaaay!

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This is the slip cover I made for my batting helmet. I made it as a test before I made the real one for my Wataru costume. I think it turned out well, but it just looks really big on my head. I think I'll make a smaller version and just make a frame to give it the proper shape.

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I do like this helmet a lot though. =D

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I got my new toys in the mail yesterday. I often get something special when I get a new check from work, so this time I bought a Overman King Gainer figure and the Wataru statue I had been eyeing for a number of months. ...now I just need to deposit that check. >_<;; The King Gainer figure is really awesome and super posable. He came with three different sets of hands, his chain gun, and an alternate blade for the chain gun. My only complaint right now is that he is so low when I have him in a flying pose! Maybe I'll try to make something to hold him up better. ....I'm not sure why Jozo is hanging off of Wataru's sword... I just put him there yesterday and never move him back... In the background is my Ichigo figure, my Red Frame Gundam model, and my awesome (though completely unused) Prince of Tennis clock. I need to clean my desk and find new places for some of the figures! Maybe then I'll actually be able to see the clock!
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