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Quick help?

Hey guys, I'm working on a class-comic (you know, a comic I draw in class because the class is so boring), and I'd like to ask for some help naming three of the girls.

Dragon Girl One-She's from the Beast Lands (where the main character is from) and comes from a noble family. She's very stuck-up and proper. Appears almost exclusively in a human form. She around 17-19ish.

Dragon Girl Two- One's little sister. Looks up to her sister, but now enjoys being about the main character more. She looks up to him like an older brother. She's a very curious person and always wants to try new things even though her sister tells her that they are "not appropriate" for a noble to do. 11-14ish.

Human Girl- She's from Virginia but studying folklore in Japan. Very smart and Manipulative. Likes to use the main character. A huge bookworm and all around history/historical arcitecture geek. She loves Japan for its history, arcitecture, and Shinto culture, but hates being classified as an otaku (she doesn't watch anime and only reads a few comics) or a Japanophile. She'll be heading back to the US in the spring of next year. In college, 19-21ish.

All the names I come up with for these characters sound so worn and used to me. I'm looking for something sort unusual for the dragon girls because they are "foreign." I'd love to hear ANY suggestions. T_T
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