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Finished up my latest books for work over the weekend, finished my Shonen Jump for the week yesterday, and turned in all my corrections yesterday, so I am workless for the time being. It's sort of nice. But instead of properly using my time to get ahead with oh, cleaning the apartment or cosplay, I'll probably just sit on my butt. I work so much better when I have a full plate. Time off is usually just time lost.

Got my copy of Wreck-It Ralph in yesterday, huzzah huzzah. Started watching it but didn't get to finish it because I went out with my mom. The menus and stuff look pretty good on the movie, but THERE IS NO PLAIN PAUSE. If you pause, it gives you a little counter and when that reaches zero (IN FIVE SECONDS), it goes to some "behind the scenes" trivia video? I'm not really sure because I was actually able to REALLY pause that, so I didn't watch it. "Hidden" things are cool, but NOT WHEN I WANT TO PAUSE. (EDIT: Turns out you can turn off the fake-pause mode!) I'll finish watching the movie today and then probably go through the commentary track as well, because I looooove me some commentary. =D (EDIT: THERE'S NO COMMENTARY TRACK! D=)

And! Rise of the Guardians physical release is next Tuesday! Less than a week to go!

It's a bit late to rant about the Oscars, but here we go anyway! I am quite disappointed that Brave won. Don't get me wrong, I do love Brave, and I REALLY love that an animated movie about a badass princess and doesn't have romantic love or a true physical villain won, but… to be honest… I just didn't think it was nearly as strong as Wreck-It Ralph or ParaNorman. It was probably the prettiest movie, but in my opinion, it wasn't close to being the best. Again, I truly do love Brave, I just don't think it should have won. I think ParaNorman should have won, though I would have been happy with Wreck-It Ralph winning too. Everything about ParaNorman was just… top class. I am very disappointed it did not win and am actually sort of confused as to why it didn't (though that may just be the bias in me talking?). I am also disappointed that Rise of the Guardians didn't get nominated. But, even though RotG is my favorite movie from the last few years, ParaNorman still should have won. It's just… so freaking good. So. Freaking. Good. (Please go watch it.)

Yesterday I went into San Francisco with my mom. We wanted to see the Grand Lighting Ceremony for the Bay Lights. If you're too lazy to click that link, the Bay Lights is an art installation on the North side of the East span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay. There are LEDs all over that side of the bridge and they turn on and off in patterns. My family bought one of the lights for my mom for her birthday, so it was sort of special for us to see it. Because we wanted a good viewing spot and my mom couldn't get any reservations at any of the nearby bay-front restaurants, we stopped by a Whole Foods and got picnic foods before heading into the city. We arrived at about 5:30, found a spot at the Ferry Building, ate our dinner and watched the ferries come and go. And then it got windy. And cold. We each had two jackets, but we were still freezing. We ended up heading over to Pier 7, where the view was supposed to be the best, and got there around 6:30. There was a guy next to Pier 7 giving away Spanish-style hot chocolate who seemed hella sketchy, but I guess it was legit (they DID say there was going to be free hot chocolate and churros). We got some from him, and it was nice and warm. And so thick! Our cups looked like someone had splashed mud in them when we were done. Well… we found a bench, sat down, and waited. And waited. And waited. We thought it was supposed to start at 8pm, but then someone told us 9pm, and someone else said 8:30, so by the time the pier was getting crowded, everyone was just confused. Confused and complaining. Maybe the hot chocolate ran out, because I heard a lot of people asking about it. Lots of complaints about the lack of churros too. I never saw anyone giving any out, but I didn't leave the pier after we settled in, so who knows. After the show, I did see part of a churro on the ground, so there must have been some at some point. But yeah. Time confusion. Then, around 8:30, it started to rain. My mom and I had umbrellas, but with the strong winds, we still got a bit wet. The show itself was lovely, the lights are gorgeous and I really recommend seeing them (I think they'll be on every night for the next two years). We watched for maybe fifteen-twenty minutes as we stood on the bench we had been sitting on, but after a particularly strong gust of wind almost knocked me off the bench, we called it quits. We got to the BART station, freezing and soaking wet, had to wait almost twenty minutes for our train (we juuuuuust missed the previous train I guess! Bummer.), but we found places to sit and the ride back was comfy enough. But wet. Very wet. It was a blessing to get home, get out of my wet socks and pants, and get into my dry pjs.

I slept pretty soundly last night after all the excitement of the Bay Lights, but today my head feels heavy and I have an itch in my throat, so I'm a bit nervous. Time to chug the vitamin-C and tea!
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