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Cartoon Art Museum Trip: Sketchtravel and ParaNorman Exhibits

A couple weeks ago I took a trip into San Francisco because I found out that there was a ParaNorman exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum and that the Sketchtravel exhibit I had been so excited about in the Fall (but hadn't gone to yet) was leaving the museum soon. I went on a weekday because I figured I could make a day out of it. Work in the morning, go to the museum, have lunch with my brother, then go visit my lovely editors at Viz in the afternoon.

WELLLLLLL turned out the museum was closed for a private event that day. =T

But then I went again that weekend and it was open and everything was AWESOME.

20 images, mostly ParaNorman stuff, maybe minor spoilers (I think you're safe if you've seen any of the trailers), some fangirling.

Sketchtravel was a project where uh… I think 80 artists each drew a picture in this sketchbook. It took four years and was auctioned off in the end to help fund… reading rooms, I think? The images they had were just nice scans, since the real thing was sold, but they still looked SO GOOD. One of the rules was that you could not send the book to the next artist, you had to hand it off and take a picture of you handing the book to the next person. The sketchbook traveled mostly in the USA, France, and Japan, and ohhhh gosh, so many amazing artists. I'd say you have to go see the exhibit because the amount of amazing is crazy, but… the exhibit is over. Sorry. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.

Sorry my photos are pretty crappy, I can taking them with my iPad, so it was pretty awkward and I'm already a pretty terrible photographer!

Glen Keane, super amazing animator who worked forever for Disney.

Nico Marlet, one of my favorite artists. I think he's still working for Dreamworks, he did tons of designs for Kung-Fu Panda and all those dragon pictures from the Dragon Book and the ending credits of How to Train Your Dragon. UNGH, love his art so much. *_*

Hayao Miyazaki, you know, famous director and artist at Studio Ghibli.

Sorry, that's all I took pictures of for this exhibit. I got more… uh… bold with the ParaNorman exhibit. (Photos WERE allowed, just no flash, but I felt weirdly guilty of taking them at first.)

The ParaNorman exhibit was AMAZING OH MY GOSH. They had (what seemed to be) original character sketches and movie-used puppets and set pieces. I was just about flailing on the ground with glee.

Norman design by Heidi Smith (who recently won an Annie Award for the character designs for this movie, woohoo!!!).

More Norman! I love these, I love the scarf especially. Now almost every time I doodle Norman, I give him a scarf. It's getting hard NOT to, hahahaha.

Wall of designs! There were actually two separated rooms to the exhibit, one in the back and one in the front. This room is in the back.

BASEBALL NORMAN, OH MY GOD HE'S SO ADORABLE!!! That expression AHHHHHHHH, too cute. The box behind has different expressions in it.

Baseball Norman from the side because he's so cute in this little outfit, WHY NOT.

Now we're in the front room! Three of the puppets from the movie. If I remember right, each character had like a bajillion puppets, and Norman had like six bajillion because he's the main character and all that.

Looking at the rest of the front room.

Mitch's van from the front. THE HOT VAN.

The van from the side. All the little details on everything blows me away.

The Babcock family home from the side.

And the back of the Babcock home.

And finally, the front of their house. With Norman in his jammies playing with one of his zombie toys. The details, guys, THE DETAILS.

Norman's parents.

Side of the locker bank. I know you're tired of me saying it, but THE DETAILS!!!

This is the back of the locker bank set, I just though it was cool to see.

The front!

And one final picture. NORMAN, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE? I just want to mess up his hair or something. He's like that little cousin or whatever that you always want to give cookies or take to go roller skating or I dunno, but… yeah. Yeah.

I was seriously blown away by the exhibit, looking at the details in each little set piece, the expressions of the puppets, it's really amazing.

GUYS, GO SEE THIS EXHIBIT IF YOU CAN. IT'S SO COOL. But if you haven't seen the movie, first off WHY NOT, and secondly there's some major spoilers in it. (If you haven't seen the movie but are coming to see it and other movies at my awesome animation party on 3/23, YOU ARE FORGIVEN. Details about the party coming soon.) So consider yourself warned, I suppose? The exhibit leaves February 17th, so go go go see it now.
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