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Wait, when are we doing what?

My mom called me on Monday. "You DO remember that we're going to Mamian's on Wednesday, right?" Well… no, no I didn't, I had no idea. I was thinking that it was about time to go see her again (we go every month), but I had absolutely no idea we were going on Wednesday. Thanks for the… heads up?

My mom called me again on Tuesday. "Okay, so I got tickets for that art festival. The book thing should be all days, but you should probably double-check. We could go in the evening on Thursday or Friday, or I guess on Saturday? But Thursday would probably be the best." WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT? I know you said that there was going to be the art festival thing and that they're having a book exhibit and maybe I'd like to go, but after that it was "I'll email you some information about it so you can think about it." How did THAT become "now I have tickets for us, when are we going?" I'm not really… complaining, it's just… confusing. I think I'll enjoy going to this art festival, but what if I was absolutely swamped with work? There would have been no way I could have come!

I think it's just the assumption that I find funny. "You DO know we're going" and "I got us tickets" totally assume things 'cause I had NO IDEA. It's a bit frustrating, but mostly amusing. =3

Work has been very, very slow lately. I haven't had any "real" work since last week. It's given me tons of extra time to work on cosplay stuff which is FANTASTIC, especially with Fanime right around the corner, but it is also driving my crazy. It's times like these that I realize my life truly revolves around my work. I don't know what to do with myself if I don't have work to do. I complain about having little free time, but once I get it, I'm at a loss on how to spend it! I got excited yesterday because I one little correction on one Psyren page. And all this break time makes me really worried that I'm going to get a dozen scripts all at once and they'll all be due at the same time, a couple weeks from when I get them. Ahhh!!!! The stress of it is killing me! I think part of what's tough with this is that it's not like I'm on vacation or anything, I still have to be read to work at the drop of a hat. I'm constantly checking my email and I KNOW I have scripts coming, I just don't know when they're coming. And the waiting is the worst part.
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