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Doodles: All sorts of randomness

I have a bajillion doodles I've never posted from the last six or nine months, so… I'll just post them now. Huge variety of things, mostly fan art, but some original character stuffs too. Mostly low quality.

This is about how all the pictures look.

I doodled little cards for almost all the editors I worked for. There was only one I think I didn't, but she moved. I meant to get her address and send her one, but it just ended up not happening. Anyway, this is for my main SuBLime editor. Three Wolves Mountain~♥

Hyde and Closer card for my third Hyde editor. Three editors for a seven volume series! It was crazy. I miss working on this series.

A Tepig for my Pokémon editor! Also yes, I have the coloring skills of a first grader.

Rikuo and Ageha for my Nura and Psyren editor.

Zazie and Wasiolka (and kitties!) for my Tegami Bachi editor

For my X editor. I swear, if Kamui didn't go to Tokyo, there wouldn't be all this madness, right? Please excuse that none of the characters look like who they are supposed to. >_>;;

Arararararagi from Bakemonogatari.

Alma from Sacred Seven. I think Alma is super super super adorable, so I tried to draw a cute picture of him. Tried being the big word here!

Alma again. Spent way too long on it, not too happy with it, but I did have a lot of fun trying to color it!

Some characters from Steampunk Highschool, a comic I drew as part of my senior project.

Drew this a looooong time ago with help from Juli. This is Jacob Elizabeth Birch, the lolita-loving T-Rex who is now a character of Steampunk High. …Although I haven't drawn of the comic with him in it yet.

There was a Shonen Jump contest a while back. Don't remember exactly what it was for. Drew this and was almost done with it when I found out I couldn't enter because I freelance for them. Oh well. It's Ultimo (from Ultimo) with his two animal symbols; the crane and the lion. Tried to give the inks a tarnished gold look. That was really fun.

This is my spirit animal
Linked this one because it's pretty dang big. SPIRIT ANIMALSSSS

A card I made for Chinese New Year.

Kotetsu brushing his teeth.

This was very true. But this season Thursdays are the best anime days because the current noitamina shows are very strong.

I once asked for Kamen Rider prompts. I worked on a bunch of them, but none of them really turned out. Sorry requesters! I ended up doing stupid W arts instead. T^T;;

Nur suggested I try to redesign the Triceratops Gaia Memory from Kamen Rider W, aaannnnd yeah. Sadly, this picture is way better than the request doodles, if you want some context.

SHO-CHAN YOU ARE MY FAVORITE. I got this GREAT idea to draw the main characters of each recent Kamen Rider series as the Chinese zodiac animal that reigned while their show aired (or most of it aired). So W was the Tiger, OOO was the Rabbit, and Fourze is the Dragon. But I only got Sho-chan done. I'd like to do the others some day.

Quick Tintin doodle.

Someone said something about Tintin wearing Captain Haddock's clothes, so I doodled it.

Trying to figure out how to draw the Mass Effect characters again to get going on Bancho Effect silliness. Shep's always finding himself in trouble. =T Though Professor Mordin will probably just punish them with rambling for a few hours.

Tannas, old friend of Seth, who is the father of Kiete, the main character of my "WILL HAPPEN SOMEDAY" series Everyday Demon. Tannas is pretty easy-going and gets along with just about anyone, but he's also the type that just doesn't give a damn about much anymore.

One design for a character I've been working on named Lythus. I spent about six months changing nearly everything about him over and over and over again. Lythus is the fourth child of a typical Western dragon and a typical Eastern dragon, so he's a bit of a mix (though his siblings look strongly one way or another). He actually has pretty cool wings that are articulated like big webbed hands, so he can use them to grab things or drag himself along. They're not very good for flying though.

Another version of Lythus. Probably my favorite version of his beast form. SORRY I DIDN'T DRAW YOUR WINGS, MAN. They're hard to draw. =\

Lythus in human form and a girl he watches over, Lucy. He's said to be the reincarnation of some particularly evil dragon, so his dragon form is generally sealed so he can't cause too much trouble. (Lythus thinks this is all just BS, as he's never done anything to warrant the way he is treated.)

Better Lythus human doodles. He can barely see, but he senses heat signatures like a snake, and can weakly sense electrical signals like a shark. As a human, he's very plain-looking. The only things that set him apart are his slightly pointed ears, his light eyes, his lack of a belly button, and a smattering of scales on his belly. They're not in this picture, but he has lots of light freckles.

Lythus with horns, the wrong color hair, and not as stocky as he should be, but at least his eyes are almost the right color and he has his freckles? >_>

IT'S OVERRRRRRRRRRRR. And now I want to draw Lythus again. But I'm working on other characters! I spent half a year on him already, let me go Lythus! Let me work on others! T^T
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