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My life is pretty boring

Been watching Seirei no Moribito with Nur because I was finally able to get my hands on the first BluRay set (after having it on order for months from a couple different places). We're about 2/3 through and it's just as good as I remember. And such a visual feast! I love it to bits.

After a bunch of rounds of corrections, I finally sent in final (fingers crossed) files for a BL book I had been working on. Sent in files for X/1999 vol 3 as well, so hoping those all go through alright. Been working on Psyren v11 between corrections, and it's coming along well enough. Haven't really been rushing on it because it's not due until June. Platinum 5 is at the licensor right now, so not much to do for that. Really, I'm just going slow until I get scripts for things due soon. I'm afraid everything I'm waiting for file and/or scripts for will come in all at once. But what can I do until then? I'm just going to relax, work on Psyren v11, and enjoy life.

With work in a bit of a slump, I SHOULD be working on my costumes for Fanime, but Persona 4 is still demanding my attention. I'm so addicted to this game it's ridiculous. My excuses for not working on cosplay (mainly the lack of supplies or references) are quickly being remedied, so soon I'll have to find a balance between P4 and cosplay during my free time!

Persona 4 is still delicious. Maybe more delicious than it was last week. It had me laughing so hard the other day I thought I was going to be sick. My train of thought while playing the game right now is pretty much "KANJI KANJI KANJI," but WHAT CAN I SAY? IT'S (fictional) LOVE.

Started rewatching Sacred Seven. Since Bandai isn't going to be putting out new releases, the chances for Sacred Seven to come out on BluRay here are significantly slimmed and I was hit with a great sense of sadness. Unfortunately, that sadness led me to check if the limited edition Japanese release of the first disc came with a box. And it did. And cards with Alma on them. I do LOVE me some Alma, so yeah… ordered it. I'm not itching to suddenly buy the other BluRays for it and I don't care all that much if I get the limited editions of all of them (just needed the first because ALMA and BOX), so I'll try to pick up the discs second-hand next time I go to Japan. I will probably order the Night movie, even if it is just a rehashing, because… no, I don't have any good reasoning besides "WANT IT. NOW." It doesn't release until April, so not breaking the bank all of a sudden, thank goodness.

Yeah, that's pretty much everything going on in my life right now. Pretty boring.
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