Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands (ensuing) wrote,
Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands

Apartment, Cosplay, Books, and Calendars!

Nur and I have been wanting to move into a bigger apartment for a long time and it looks like we finally might get to! We talked to the building manager last weekend and she said 2-bedroom places are hard to come by now but she'd put us on the top of the waiting list. She gave us a note the other day saying she might have a 2-bedroom opening up in October! It'll almost DOUBLE our square footage for only like $400 more a month. That's really not bad, especially for this area. We think we know what apartment it is… we were taking the trash out last night and saw an apartment with a notice of abandonment on it. Makes me a little nervous. Seems like bad vibes or something? But TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT! I'm practically salivating at the thought! *_*

Got in most of the fabric I'll need for my secondary Halloween costume (wearing Teo to the celebrations at my mom's school, wearing the other for the Minna no Anime party). I'm not too worried about getting it done, because it's just a kimono with two trims and a simple vest. Well… then I have to find the right pants (shouldn't be hard) and shoes (he pretty much wears leather slippers, wheeee comfy~!) and make his mask. I figure the mask will 170% be the hardest part, even if it looks fairly simple. The other stuff I could probably finish in a day without much trouble.

Work has been going well!…ish? I've been working at a pretty good pace lately, I get to bed at a good time, get up at a good time, and I still have time to relax for a bit in the afternoons! It's been nice. I'm afraid of upcoming deadlines though… All the deadlines I've been given are totally achievable, but there are three books with unknown deadlines that I fear might be throw the achievability of the other deadlines out the window! Geh! Two are for the same series and I can get the books done (with some heartache and a little loss of sleep) in a week each, but the other is by far my hardest series and stresses me out beyond belief. T^T I also want to get Psyren 8 in before volume 1 is in stores (that way I'll be half way done with the series before people can buy v1 and I just think that'll be SO COOL), and so I need to get that in before October 4th. I CAN DO THIS!!

The mailman delivered a package from RightStuf today! It was the second part of a huge order I put in a few weeks back. Included in it was all of Tuxedo Gin! I was so sure that, after I ordered it, I would get an email from RightStuf saying "Whoops! Sorry, out of stock!" but luckily it all got here! It IS in stock at Amazon, so I guess I shouldn't have worried too much. Getting it from RightStuf meant I not only got their usual 25% off, but I also got 10% off because of my Got Anime discount, so the books were pretty cheap. Yaaaaaaaay manga! I also picked up Wandering Son 1(finally), Bloody Monday 1, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 1, and Animal Land 1. I will so be SET for reading materials for the next week! PLUS I have all the old Smithsonians, Nat Geos, and Scientific Americans my parents didn't want anymore. LIFE IN READINGLAND IS SO GREAT!

Oh oh oh! The signups for the Bro Calendar and the Gijinka Calendar are still open! Please sign up if you're interested. And please pass the link around to any friends that might be interested. I'd really appreciate it! ♥
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