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San Diego Comic Con 2011

So here is my long and rambling post chronicling my wild and crazy adventures in San Diego last week.

31 images (some fairly large!), random paragraph breaks, work safe except for some language. Some spoilers for Toaru Majutsu no Index (if you don't know Accelerator's season 2 outfit, there are spoilers).

Most of these pictures are of my costumes, sorry. And they're all Nur's photos (except the one he's in, hahahaha). I forgot my camera. Nur kindly took pictures of all of my costumes for me because he's so awesome~

Sometime before SDCC. Nur, Cubby, and Dyson were hard at work. That big mess in the background is my in-progress Teo costume. It doesn't look quite as messy now. I SWEAR, I CLEANED UP A LITTLE!

Woke up early and began our long trek down south. Nur's car doesn't have any air conditioning, so it was a tough journey. We planned to stop in Kettleman City for lunch but somehow we both missed it. How, I have no idea. We've been there dozens of times and know just where it is! That night we stayed at my awesome Aunt and Uncle's place. Had tons of fun. =3

Left early from my relatives' place and drove the final hour to San Diego. Traffic kinda sucked, but it could have been worse. We arrived, parked, navigated our way through the insane crowd, met up with Mark and Thy, and got our passes. Picking up our passes was super easy, we just walked right in, no line! Nur and I headed for the Ballroom 20 line and got in the room shortly after our star panel of the day started; The Fall of Sam Axe. It was basically Bruce Campbell and Matt Nix asking each other scripted(?) questions and being super AWESOME. Bruce Campbell is the coolest, and Matt Nix is a lot of fun too. We just stayed in the room because the next panel was Covert Affairs (which I've only seen one episode of, but it was still a neat panel) and then Psych. The Psych panel was tons of fun, as it always is. =D Funimation was at 3, and I didn't ask my burning question ("WHERE ARE MY BLURAYS FOR INDEX? GIVE ME BLURAYS. YOU ANNOUNCED IT OVER A YEAR AGO."), but I was able to ask a tangentially related question and get an acceptable answer that sort of answered my Index question as well. Kodansha was next, and after the panel I was able to stumble through telling my incredibly rude complaint to one of the panelists in a more private setting. I really really REALLY hate most of the lettering in the Del Rey books, and I told him that I thought the lettering in most of those books was crap and to please tell me he wasn't going to use the same letterers (or maybe tell me that they'd check over the letterer's work more thoroughly). He was super kind and gave me his card, saying that I should contact him if he sees the same problems in the new Kodansha books because he'd like them to be fixed so they can have the best possible release. Wow, thanks Kodansha! Sorry I was asked a dick question, but now I want to pick up all your releases. Thanks for being so cool.

We had a while before our next panel, so we went to the Fulfillment Room in the Marriott to pick up the shirts being handed out for people who attended the Psych and Covert Affairs panels. There was a "Nintendo Lounge" in the Marriott, so we played some of the games there. It was fun!

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword demos.

I didn't get to see the final version of this, but he had all the sky done and was working on the castle when we stopped by the next day. It was looking super awesome.

Dragon Quest Monster… something… 2… I think? Next to it was a stage for Just Dance 3. It looked like a lot of fun and it was a great to see people half-heartedly dancing at the beginning and then being TOTALLY into it by the end of the song.

Accelerator checks out Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

There was also an area to check out the Pokémon 3DS PokéDex. We got shirts for checking it out and we got little backpacks/bags for asking about the shirts. Cool!

We left the Marriott and Nur snapped a few pictures of my Accelerator season 1 costume. A ref of his costume is here. (Text on this picture is may be spoilerific to an event towards the end of Toaru Majutsu no Index season 1.)

I am pretty damn sure Accelerator wears white socks, but they look pretty bad, yeah? I'll wear black socks next time. This costume is soooooo easy, there's really no point to posting more than one shot of it. I did buy red contacts to wear, but all my attempts to put them in failed miserably! I couldn't find the brand of canned coffee Accelerator seems to buy often, so I got canned milk coffee instead. It's a similar can, just grey instead of black. AND I LIKE MILK COFFEE MORE. =D The wig is… well… pretty close according to some novel pictures and totally off compared to some others. So I'm just going to call is "vaguely in the ballpark" and pretend it's okay.

Back in the convention center, Nur pointed this out to me:

OH. MY. GOD. IT'S Damian Lewis!!!! YOU KNOW, CHARLIE CREWS FROM LIFE. LIFE BEING PRETTY MUCH MY FAVORITE LIVE ACTION SHOW EVER. I ADORE Charlie Crews. Thanks for having Damian Lewis on another show, I will SO be "preparing for this return." =D~♥

Oh yes, but anyway, we headed to the very interesting Manga: Lost in Translation panel. Had a good time, got to meet some awesome translators. We then formed a small gang and headed into the heart of downtown San Diego to try to get into the Viz party. We were successful!

It was on the roof of a hotel. You can see the convention center off in the bkg, and Finn and Jack on roof of a building about halfway between our location and the convention center. The party was fun, I finally got to meet some awesome people I knew from Twitter and I got to say hi to some of my editors. Oh! And I got to meet the artist for the new Voltron comic! I mostly just stood in a circle and chatted with a couple people though because I get way too shy in those sorts of situations! We hung out at the party until the hotel staff seemed to be switching the roof to "nightclub mode" or something. We met up with some Anime News Network staff and went out for a late dinner at a Thai restaurant. We got back to the hotel way late, but the fun day was worth it!

Dressed as Accelerator again, this time in his season 2 outfit (again, text on image may contain spoilers!). I had two versions of this outfit… one I bloodied and dirtied up and one that was nice and clean. I figured I would wear the bloodied one to the convention so I could put on my injury makeup in the morning and then wash up and switch to my clean version sometime during the day. Never ended up switching. Oh well.

So let me tell you about this costume. It's suuuuper easy if you look at it, but it gave me all sorts of trouble! I had only an inkling on how to make the external calculation box on Accelerator's collar, so Nur kindly wired it all up for me. The box has two switches, one that turns the LED on and off and one that changes colors from green (calculation ability off) to red(on).

A lot of the problem I had with the costume came from painting the shirts. Like I said before, I had two versions. I figured the better looking would be the clean version and I could hide any huge mistakes on the other one with blood and dirty. The first shirt I painted while it was stuffed to simulate it being on someone. The lines didn't turn out very clean. The second I painted flat and it turned out a little better, but still not all that great. Having a double-sided shirt where the pattern matches up all over on both sides is a real pain! I kept mixing up the contact paper I was using, so I ended up numbering the pieces to make sure I put them on correctly.

The shirt recently bloodied, with the completed external calculation box and cane.

Nur said that I shouldn't iron my shirt because it would look more battle-damaged. Naw, it just looks like I took it out of a pile of scrunched up clothes. ………but our hotel room didn't seem to have an iron, so I guess it might have been tough to iron it anyway!

I am filled with horrible poses.

What was that? Was someone saying my wig is all wrong? I'LL SHOW THEM!!!……by properly styling my wig.

Went to the JManga panel, and it seems like it could be pretty neat. We had a couple hours before our next panel, so we headed to the Exhibit Hall. There we fought the crowds to discover all sorts of awesome things!

LIKE POKÉMON! We're on the lookout!

Nur and his tough friends.


And then…

THE CARTOON NETWORK BOOTH! WITH GIANT JAKE (and regular-sized Finn and Lady Rainicorn!)! SO COOL. The Adventure Time presence at Comic Con was HUGE and AMAZINGLY AWESOME.

Next was the set of Viz panels, first the general one, then the Shonen Jump panel. The Shonen Jump panel had a very informative section where Sasaki-san, the ex-head editor of Weekly Shonen Jump (now he's the head of all shonen magazines for Shueisha, I believe) looked at entries for an on-going storyboard contest and critiqued them. I learned a ton from the short time he was critiquing. A Costume Design panel was next (in the same room, woooo, yay for staying in the same place!) and that was pretty interesting and informative. I could never do what those panelists do, their job is CRAZY. @_@ Hopped over to the Bandai panel next, where they RANDOMLY BROUGHT OUT SHIGETO KOYAMA WHO I SUPER ADMIRE LIKE WHOA BECAUSE HE'S SAID SOME SUPER KIND THINGS TO ME ON TWITTER (yeah, yeah, but it's SO FREAKING AWESOME TO ME) AND HE'S THE CHARACTER DESIGNER FOR HEROMAN NNGHHHH OH MAN. GODDAMMIT BANDAI!!! They also had Dai Sato on the panel, who only writes the stories for some of the GREATEST recent anime series. Anyone who can write something like Ergo Proxy is automatically super cool in my book. I was planning on kidnapping him to ask him all sorts of things about Ergo Proxy and Norageki, but instead we tried to get into the Yen Press panel, failed, and decided to get dinner and head out for the day.

This was a big day for me because it was the day I wore Teo, my costume based on the Feathered Feline. We stopped at a little park-ish area to take some pictures before getting to the convention center.

Here's my big girl. I have a bunch of things to fix up on her, but I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. The eyes should be in the middle of the black area on her face, but it's much easier to see out if they are at the top. The eyes are attached with magnets, so I can move them any time I want. My mom made Teo's belt for me. Thanks mommy! =D

More horrible poses, I know, but this is the only shot that shows all of her legs and some of her tail. The tail is easily detachable and actually hangs off the shirt instead of the pants, because I was afraid it would pull my pants down. >_> The whole outfit is just a big kit of parts, it's not like a full one-piece sort of thing. It's all built off of pre-made bits of clothing. The legs are leggings covered with the fur "feathers," the feet are built on a pair of cheap flip flops, the shirt is a dual-core shirt (or something) that is supposed to help wick away sweat. It worked okay, but I bet it would work really well if I didn't have five pounds of fur attached to it! XD The hand-paws are gloves with the fingers cut off. In the original mural, the Feathered Feline has pretty blunt hands, so having fingerless gloves allowed me to have my fingers free so I could actually grab things and then just curl my hand into fists for pictures to hide my fingers and give my hands that blunt look. It worked well!

Front shot! Her poor eyes aren't level! I'm sorry, Teo! I'll (probably) fix it before Halloween!

Aaaaannd side shot.

You can't see the colors very well in the other shots, so here is the headdress. It's before I glues the large feathers on, so the final arrangement is a bit different (and a bit better IMO). The headdress attaches to the head with a series of magnets so it can be easily removed and stored.

I had some extra feathers, so I gave Dyson a headdress. He was not pleased.

But back to the convention! Before leaving our little photoshoot spot, a group of joggers ran up and asked for a picture. Why joggers were carrying a camera, I have no idea, but I was happy to comply! We tromped over to get in line for the Activision panel and had got a lot of nice compliments on my costume. The panel was pretty cool, the Spiderman and X-men games they were promoting looked pretty cool and among their panel guests were Stan Lee and Val Kilmer. Crazy! We stayed for the next panel, but it was pretty boring and I fell asleep. I didn't mean to, but I was really tired. We wandered the exhibit hall for a while, then got in line for the Adventure Time panel about an hour and a half to two hours before the panel was supposed to start. The people around us in line were great and I really enjoyed chatting with them as we waited. It was very lucky we did get in line so early, we BARELY made it in, they only let maybe 6-10 people after Nur and I in the panel!!! O_O

The Adventure Time panel was probably my favorite of the convention, there was so much great energy and excitement! They handed out Finn hats and soon probably 90% of the room was wearing their hats. The questions asked were good, the clips they showed were great, and I just had such a good time!

After the panel we headed back to Nur's car so I could take off some of my costume. I had an extra shirt, but stupidly didn't bring extra pants. I want to say… Nur was incredibly kind to me while I was wearing the Teo costume. He helped me in and out of the head, held my bags, always made sure I could see, would warn me of any dangers (except the small pylon I ran straight into and bruised my knee, hahahaha). I would have gone crazy without him. Nur's the best! ♥

Hoofed it back to the convention to try to get into the Mass Effect 3 event thingy, but the line was too long. I got some ladies to put a Mass Effect temporary tattoo on my arm to ease my sorrow. We met up with Suspi, Daniella, and Shannon and, after arranging rides, headed to Fashion Island (or was it Fashion Valley?) to meet up with Stevie and get dinner. I had sooooo much fun! I wish I could have dinner like that with awesome friends more often (actually, I had another awesome dinner with friends last night, but that's a different story)!

Headed back to the hotel, packed the car, and lounged until bed time.

We had to drive all the way back on Sunday, so we decided to not go to the convention. Well, we decided to exchange any time we might have spent at the convention with a trip to San Diego's Book Off. Mmmmm, delicious Book Off. Bought way more books than I should have, but IT WAS WORTH IT. Driving through SoCal sucked hard and we kept hitting traffic that seemed to be caused by people driving like douches. Thanks a lot, ya idiots. Then we got stuck in traffic on highway 5 because they were working on the road. We were going so slow, dragonflies were whipping by us. Sad times. But we got home safe and sound and cuddled with our kitty.

The BOX OF BOOK OFF GOODNESS! You can see one of the Finn hats on it and Dyson flopped on the ground.

The box isn't fully filled or anything though! And some of those are Nur's.

My haul! I got a lot of REALLY AWESOME books, but wasn't able to find any Master Keaton, which I was REALLY looking for.

And then their spins. I was sooooo happy to get all that Violinst of Hameln, it's been strangely hard to find volumes! Now I only have… 16 volumes to go? @_@

Annnnd that's it. It was a great trip, despite some of the annoying bits! I had a really great time. One thing that I found was really weird… so I cosplayed season 2 Accelerator. With that costume, he uses a cane. I was knocked around quite a bit in that costume. Not like people went out of their way to knock me around, but I thought that people might be more careful around someone using a cane (even a fake one). But then, in Teo, I was fully expecting getting shoved and getting some hate for wearing a fursuit. But I didn't. Not at all. I got jostled a teeny tiny bit, but most of the time I can given plenty of room, compliments, and people petting me. It was just so different than I expected. Really, really weird.
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