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Garden of Sinners Event / Chatting about new volumes of manga

Yesterday Nur and I went to San Francisco to attend the Garden of Sinners event. We weren't sure what to expect, but we knew two producers (one from Aniplex and one from ufotable) would be there and they would be showing Garden of Sinners movies 1, 2, and 7 (there are seven movies in total). The cost to see all 3 of the movies was only $15, and we were both interested in seeing them, so we bought our tickets right after they announced it. =D

The first two movies were really cool. A bit confusing, but interesting and animated beautifully. After the second movie, there was a session with the producers. The moderator asked them a bunch of questions and then five or so people got to ask questions. It was extremely interesting, except a couple of the fan questions were face-palmingly stupid (sorta like usual at a con!). Third movie was on after that and it was pretty awesome too. I was feeling a little bit bored with it, but towards the end it picked up quite a bit and I really liked it after that. Finally, there was a signing session where they gave us high-quality cardstock… signboards, I guess? They're about 8.5"x11" and seem to be printed specifically for the event. But they're nice, thick, matte cards. Nur didn't care about the autographs, so he just sat to the side. Afterwards, we went to the lobby and he contemplated buying the extremely expensive but extremely gorgeous BluRay set of all the movies. They only had 10 at the event, and he decided to buy one of the last ones. This thing is majorly gorgeous, and it came with a beautiful poster that has the logo printed over with a holofoil, so it really catches your eye.

My only big complaint about the movies is that the character design is somewhat lackluster. It's not BAD or anything, but you have this characters in this lush environment where things are heavily detailed and then… you pan to their fairly simple face. It just seems a little out of place. But it's definitely not bad. Another complaint (somewhat cleared up by a kindly gentleman behind me in the autograph line) is that there are some similarities to Tsukihime characters… the main character is named Shiki, but is a girl. The main male character is named Mikiya, but looks extremely similar to Shiki from Tsukihime. It was pretty confusing at first.

My only other complaint is that going to the event ate up a enormous chunk of my day, so I wasn't able to get a ton of work done. But it's all good! I can make it up! …hopefully…

At one time, I would talk about the different volumes I got when I would go to Kinokuniya. It's been a while, but I picked up some new series, and thought it might be fun to ramble about them.

Psyren volume 5 By Toshiaki Iwashiro
I can't say much… Kabuto looks pretty creepy on the front. I haven't opened it yet, I bought it because I'll need to use it for work in a couple months.

Forced Hero volume 1 By Hiroki Miyashita
I really don't know exactly what's going on in this, but I think it's about a group of 5 normal people who have to work together to fight crime. I don't know why, but they stop people from beating up the weak and robbing stores and stuff. The main character is 28 and lives with his mom, which his mom seems to bring up all the time. There's no furigana, so I'm really lost. They all have large watches that say "Justice" after/around the time they catch a bad guy though. I want to actually read it because it seems interesting and I like the art a lot.

Gingitsune volume 3 By Sayori Ochiai
Haven't opened it yet, but I really loved volumes 1 and 2, so I'm expecting to love 3. It's another furigana-less series, but it's a bit easier to understand. I think it's about a shrine where the daughter of the priest there can see the kitsune spirit, Gin, that lives there. Later another kitsune comes too and it's ADORABLE. Gin is big and sort of badass (but still someone I want to hug forever and not let go of), but the other kitsune (who's name escapes me) is small and fluffy and super cute. I'm excited to read this book later!

Jumbor volume 1 By Hiroyuki Takei
Not to be confused with the original Jumbor that ran in Shounen Jump, this is a retelling of the story. I love it and can't wait for more. I think the concept is really cool, and the artwork is super neat.

Oumagadoki Dobutsuen volume 2 By Kouhei Horikoshi
It's a series about a magical zoo where the rabbit-headed director can magically transform the animals into anthros. I adore this series. I don't think there is anything about this series I DON'T like. The designs of the different animals are wonderful, and while there are a few that aren't exactly up my alley, most are so awesome it overshadows those other few. I would LOVE to cosplay a number of the characters… Shiina the director, Kasai the Rhino, Shishido the Lion, Chita the Cheetah… Their designs are SOOOO COOOL. *_* This volume starts the Zoo vs the Aquarium arc, which is super neat and interesting. I can't wait for volume three!!!

Grigori volumes 1-2 By Ryo Haruma
I just flipped through these because I was sleepy and wanted to go to sleep but couldn't because I had to wait for some work to finish uploading before I could put my laptop to sleep for the night. I'm not 100% of the story, but it seems to be angels vs god, except the angels are robots that look like humans? It's only two volumes, but it seems like an interesting series. I enjoyed what I did actually put my mind to read, I like the art and the robot/battle suit designs.

Minato Machi Neko Machi volume 2 By Konako Nanamaki
It's a town with a lot of cats, where some (all?) of the cats can take human forms. Haven't gone through this volume yet, but the first one had stories of cats with the people they cared for/were owned by. The art is great, the stories are good, and it's filled with cats. What more could I want?

AR∀GO volume 4 by Takahiro Arai
Quite possibly my favorite ongoing series, there's not a lot I can say about it that wouldn't be mindless fangirl rambling. This volume covers the subway incident and a large chunk of the werewolf case, and also includes the chapter where Arago wears Ewan's glasses. Mmmm, wonderful. ♥ Like usual, the art is fantastic, the stories are fascinating, and the characters are lovable and interesting. This series is great, and I hope more people check it out.

It was really hard to not keyboard smash how awesome the AR∀GO volume is. Really really REALLY hard. Gaaaah, it's so good. *_* Guys, he boxes a WEREWOLF. A WEREWOLF. BOXES IT. So BADASS.

Anyway, it's getting late and I have done absolutely no work this morning, so I should get on that! =D
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