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Being in a Turf War

This is a dream I had right before I woke up this morning.

I had a dream I was in a turf war and my job was to attack a section of enemies all by myself. We were fighting over/for this lot of land. It was in the middle of a city and had a baseball diamond in the center and walking paths around the baseball area. It was maybe an acre, maybe an acre and a half large. But we were fighting over it.

The group I had to take out was on the far opposite side of where the leaders for my group were. They were really focused on my leader's hiding area, so they didn't notice when I took my Swiss Army Knife's largest blade out and immediately dropped it. The impact bent the blade near the hilt, but I figured freedom from these guys was worth it. I get right behind a young guy and jab my knife into his back. It's actually pretty hard to stab the guy like that (and he was wearing a lot of layers and my knife isn't that sharp anymore), so it didn't do much. Before he could fully realize what's going on, I keep stabbing him and finally the blade sinks deep into his upper right lung. He sorta gurgles and I stab two girls in similar places. By now it's pretty obvious that I'm there, so I run off as fast as I can and hide on a very open path behind a large elevated drain opening.

There's probably five of them looking for me now, most with guns, and all I have his my knife. I crouch really low and notice Jane from The Mentalist has come to the lot (there were lots of people running on the path, playing baseball, totally oblivious to the turf war going on around them). He was wearing a really weird disguise and has two strange, thick poles. I think that I really really want him to help me or else I'm probably toast. The bad guys keep walking towards me, lead by the first guy I stabbed. His wound seemed pretty bad, so I knew he wouldn't be a problem for long. But still, I have a group of angry men with guns coming at me. It's likely I'm going to die in a rain of bullets. I don't particularly want to die that way, but I'm helping my community and I can probably take one more out as I go, so it's not a bad exchange.

But then I wake up. I vaguely remember using some enemy's body as a human shield near where my leaders were earlier in the dream, but that's all I remember of that part. Crazy stuff. Nur suggested that I've been watching too much Criminal Minds. I think he might be right.
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