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Life, as depicted in anime

Sorry for not replying to posts and comments and the such. I spent most of last week having an absolute blast at Comic Con. I'll be writing a post about it soon!

One of my awesome cousins might be moving to New York within the next year. This makes me sad, I really love spending time with her. But... I do have some interest in visiting the East Coast. I've never been more east in the USA than Kansas. So I was thinking... visit my cousin in New York, then I have to go south to Washington D.C. and see the monuments! I mean, the White House is the center of the world (although I thought the fountain would be closer...) and all. Then I started thinking that I should probably go sometime in the winter. Because that's when Eden of the East takes place, right? Oh, OH MAN WHAT THE HELL. Suddenly my plans had turned into attempting to copy the US trip that the students in the show take. T^T Well... with Saki's trip extension of course.

And what I find saddest about this is that not that my brain defaulted to some fictional trip's schedule, but that as soon as I found out, the small bit of shame was overridden with thoughts of "HELLS YEAH THIS COULD BE SO AWESOME."

Now I honestly want to do this. And I want to make Noblesse Oblige shirts. But I wanted to do that before this trip thought thing.
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