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Arts: Original Characters, Robo and Usakichi, Gegege no Kitaro, Xam'd, Heroman, Pokémon, Etc...

So AX had it good parts and it's bad parts. Hotel stuff sucked majorly, the con was run poorly (in some areas), but there were some great panels, I got some awesome autographs, and I got to room with pacificpikachu, which made the whole hotel mess actually pretty AWESOME. I'll talk rant more about that later. Let's have doodle time now.

What are these ugly things?

A while back, I asked for doodle prompts. kithkanan's prompt was Howl eating spaghetti with the Great Will of the Cosmos, I think. It turned out so horribly, I just gave up. Sorry. =(

Uh, I dunno, it's a red ninja or something.

Everyone should know that my Pokémon trainer character, Roi, is the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. He's also the biggest asshole in the Pokémon universe. I don't draw him enough either. And there's an Entei, because I was working on the En-Oh costume at the time and I was trying to work out a design to put on our t-shirts. I didn't use this one.

This is Nicholas Issac Arpin, a character that came from this awesome dream I had a while back. Most of these doodles suck and don't really capture him, but the middle left one is pretty much exactly how he looks.

I was all, "HEY GUYS I WANT TO DRAW JOEY FROM HEROMAN THIS IS GONNA BE SO COOL." But it wasn't. SO I drew some Nicholas doodles then made the Hyldust sing pop songs and I felt better.

This is Din. I created her a long time ago, but she's one of the most powerful characters I have, so she's too overpowered to have a ton of fun with, unfortunately. Poor girl needs more love, so I've playing with her out of the storyline she belongs in. In human form, she's still got her underbite, so she looks like a little troll or something. But I think it's a little cute. I like it. =D

I watched a bunch of Bounen no Xamdou, then quickly doodled Akiyuki, because I think he's awesome. I don't know what's going on with his hand. =\

I wanted to make a costume of Arawn the snow leopard, father of my courier snow leopard character, Hyo. I was trying to design his spot patterns. Arawn was a courier like his son, but he was a military courier, so he has lots of scars all over his body. I wanted to finish the costume for Comic Con, but I waited to long to start on the digitigrade stilts for him, so I'll have to push him back until Halloween at the earliest!

I watched the 2008 animated Gegege no Kitaro movie and fell in love all over again with Kitaro.

An hour doodle or something in photoshop. Kitaro again.

I have all this fanart of Kitaro being a bit of a punk. He wears a striped turtleneck, constantly smokes, and seems like he's generally an asshole. I have to admit my Kitaro knowledge is very limited, so I don't know if this version of Kitaro is based on something in one of the series or it's fan-based, but I LOVE IT. This was about 15min in photoshop.

Kitaro, you're such an asshole. But only when you wear your turtleneck. Or when you're in the live action movies.

Mean Kitaro, Hyo, and a couple Robo doodles (from the AMAZING Space Travelers Robo and Usakichi).

Nicholas and asshole Kitaro. Those ugly things in the lower left corner, uh, ignore them. I want to make a plush of Kuro/Blacky from Ao no Exorcist some time.


You may or may not remember these two kitsune. They're Taisha and Fushi, two couriers from the story I'm working on about messenger kitsune and crazy youkai. Fushi is a very childlike guy and he gets excited easily. Taisha keeps him grounded and steers him in the right direction. She's actually a big softie. She wears that bandana to hide the fact that she has no (visible/fox) ears. Her ears got knocked off some time ago.

These two, and all the other kitsune in this post are based off of kitsune statues I saw during my first trip to Japan. I'm pretty mean to my characters some times, but the statue that Taisha is based off of is actually missing her ears. Poor girl. =(

Other youkai for the kitsune story. A currently unnamed tengu character, a currently unnamed overpowered kamaitachi (but he's SUCH A CUTE CHARACTER TO PLAY WITH HE'S KINDA A BIG PUPPY OF A GUY), and the other kitsune. From the left: the two Kamakura defenders (saying their names might spoil the type of retards they are. Besides, they're in the first chapter of the story), Shin, Chika, and Hana. Oh my stupid kitsune characters, I love you all.

Last night, I took ideas for youkai to work into characters for the kitsune story. Here are a few. Youkai lanterns (aka Bakechochin) on the left... I wanted to try one that didn't look like the normal paper lantern. I like how it turned out except for the PERSPECTIVE FAILURE. On the right are two Yuki Onna. I didn't want them to look like the usual kimono-clad ladies, but my versions just look like normal ladies. These two are sisters, and they may or may not actually be Russian. The younger one has a collection of awesome hats. I want a collection like her's.

Here we have a couple Tsukumogami (please ignore the huge spelling error there!), a Kotatsu Neko (actually a Nekomata, and a Baku. The Baku is super simple, but I think it's my favorite thing I've drawn in a long time.

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