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Durarara!! Episode 17

Late start on these today, hopefully I'll still be able to get a second ep in!

49 images, worksafe except for cussin'.

Anri: AHHH EVERYTHING IS OUT OF FOCUS Sheesh I'm getting nauseous...

KITTY BIKER: And another one bites the dust!

KITTY BIKER: And another one down! And another one down!

KITTY BIKER: Another one bites the dust!

KITTY BIKER: Hey! He's gonna get you too!

KITTY BIKER: Another one bites the dust!

KITTY BIKER: Uhh.... I don't remember any more lines. Shizuo, you know what the next line is?

Shizuo: I think it's... "How do you think I'm going to get along, Without you, when you're g—"


Anri: Obviously, since I have a katana and I'm cooler than you, I'm plain better than you, WITCHY WITCH.

The Creepy One Witchy Witch: No fair! Who brings a katana to a knife fight!

Anri: Who brings a knife to someone's home? I think we're even now.

Anri: Time for some backstory! When I was a wee little 'un, I was beaten often by my brute of a father. I know, I know, don't worry, it's not going to get too sappy or depressing. Hang in there with me.

Anri: My dad would choke me and frequently. Why? I don't know. I only wanted love.

Anri Hmm. This didn't turn out so well. Anyway, let's get back to the present...


Shizuo: Guess~ Who's~ King~ of~ the~ Playground~!

Zombie: K-king...

Shizuo: Wow, these insulated gloves Celty gave me sure are comfy!

Witchy Witch: It slices! It dices! It cuts Anri's face!

Anri: *sigh* Are you done yet? I'm growing tired of this.

Anri: Just stop it. What are you even trying to do? Get Creepy Teacher? Take him. I don't care.

Witchy Witch: But... what's the fun in that? I just... OH FINE. WHATEVER.

The One Girl: Uh... Wait... What?

Shizuo: Oh, you're not possessed anymore? Okay then. Did you guys see me? I was totally cool, yeah? KING OF THE PLAYGROUND.

Creepy Teacher: Wow, Anri, you're so strong. That totally turns me on.
Anri: Stop looking at my chest.


Anri: Look. First off, my face is up here. Look at it when I talk to you. Second, you're a creepy pedophile.

Anri: Third, I REALLY don't like you. Fourth, and finally, I have a katana in my hands and I'm pretty good with it.
KITTY BIKER: 'Atta girl!


Walker: The chapter ends with the gang in a car with a cat-eared maid on the side.

Erika: Oh, I like that ending!
Togusa: I... don't....
Kyohei: It's not that bad. I bet you secretly like it. But you two, stop teasing him!

CAR: Nyaaa~!

Miakdo: I'm so happy you're okay! I can't believe you fought off your attacker!

Anri: Well, I had some help... from... the most beautiful person in the world.

Mikado: ...oh?
Anri: Oh Kitty Biker! I long for the day we meet again!

Mikado: Isn't Kitty Biker... a girl?
Anri: So? You like boys.
Mikado: ....No, honestly, I don't.

Anri: Damn, I only get channels in black and white. I've got to fix the reception...

Anri: Oh! Hey! A color channel! Aww man, I've seen this one before. =(

Namie: Are you playing that ridiculous game again?

Izaya: I'll have you know Chegogi is the great game ever made. Mainly because I made it up.

Shizuo: My pervert alert! IT'S TINGLING!!! ANTI-PERV PUNCH!

Erika: New release day is the best~♥

Erika: Oh! Archangel Satellite update! I was hoping it would be a Dollars order...


Kida: I hear you've been causing a ruckus. I can't say I'm angry, but we have to work TOGETHER.

Kida: Like family. A CRIME FAMILY.

Next Week, on Durarara!!

Izaya being Izaya!

Mysterious phone calls!

All this and more, next week on Durarara!!
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