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I fell behind in watching Kamen Rider W a while back, so I've spent the last few weekdays catching up. I only have three episodes left, and it makes me both happy and sad! I'm not good at waiting for new episodes! I think this is my favorite Kamen Rider series, it's just so much fun and doesn't take itself too seriously (not to say all the others do!). When I was in Japan, I picked up a couple of GaiaMemories (Joker and Cyclone, oh and a strange Den-O one), along with a gashapon version of Accel's driver and W's driver with Fang, so I'm having a bit too much running around the apartment playing with them.

My days have been happily full with a mixture of lettering work and cosplay work. The big costume I'm working on for Fanime is coming along fairly well. It's a real learning experience! Hopefully I'll learn enough from it so my next costume like this, the one I'm making for Comic Con, will be easier!
Tags: cosplay, kamen rider, work
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