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Happy Day~!

A FABULOUS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO iorie, badseafood, AND blookie!!
Late in the day, but still on the actual day! Hope you guys had a good one!

Oh lol. I'm all ready to start sewing Erika's dress! I have all my patterns frankensteined-together, everything cut out, and ready ready ready to finish this thing! ...except I lost the main pattern's sewing instructions. CURSES!!!! Oh well, my mom is going to help me tomorrow, and the pattern is simple enough, so it should work out just fine. I hope. ...probably.

I've spent the last several days doing nothing work-wise except cleaning pages and doing corrections. It's been very calming. In fact, I've had a string of incredibly awesome days. I feel like I have more energy and I feel simply good in all aspects. I've been bouncy and happy all day long, even with the loss of those pattern instructions. Let's hope this mood continues tomorrow when I start to sew the dress together based on what my mother told me. =D
Tags: cosplay, durarara!!, life, work
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