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Clothes-y Contest and BioShook and Life

Do you want the possibility to get your design on a piece of clothing? Enter da contest for just that here~ It ends tomorrow, I'll take entries through the end of the day. =D

BioShock 2 BioShook is AMAZING. I love love love love it. I'm not playing it, Nur is, but I've been watching it with glee. Subject Delta!!! ♥♥♥♥ I think Nur'll finish the game tonight, but it's fooled us before, so I'm not sure. I'm working on a Delta shirt tonight to be painted this weekend. I have a Reaper (from inFAMOUS) design ready that hopefully will be done tomorrow. Arghh! How did I suddenly end up two designs that weren't on my list? Oh well, I'm having fun with that. =D

Today was sooooo long. Well, today and yesterday. Yesterday I spent at my parents' place because I wanted to watch curling. Loved the curling, ended up being able to see a game and a half of hockey too. Great stuff. Got lots of work done, but decided to spend the evening putting text on a bunch of Hyde pages, tossing sfx on the remaining pages for the UM volumes I'm working on, and getting through the second round of Crown of Love v3 corrections. It was a late night. Finished the UM volume today, only have about a third of the Hyde volume left, and got the third round of CoL corrections done, approved, and the pages up. Uuuuwaahhhhh, I'm so tired. So I'm not going to work tonight. I'm going to work on that Delta shirt design, watch Nur play BioShook, and relaaaaax. Good times.

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