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An end to an eventful year!

Ah, New Year's Eve!

It's been a good year, and I did a lot of fun stuff during it!

-I moved out of my parents' house
-Got a beautiful cat (I love you, Dyson!!)
-(Nearly) caught up on 5 years of cool TV shows
-Fell in love with crime enforcement all over again
-Fell in love with quite a few TV shows... Chuck, Life, Dexter, and Doctor Who especially!
-Worked on a number of great series
-Finished my first mascot-ish costume and loved wearing it. =)
-Went to a lot of fantastic conventions, including Comic Con (the first time I attended in seven years!).

Good times! =D

I've been working on my costume for ALA and it's turning out... very... speshul. Slashman.exe will be the ultimate "short bus" net navi. D= Oh well, hopefully it'll all work out!

I finally finished the rush volume I was working on. I really loved working on it, but finishing it is a real weight off my shoulders! My next due date isn't until mid-way through January, so things will slow down a tiny bit more and I'll have time to work on cosplay and actually scanning/finishing my NaNoWriMo comic!

Oh! And thank-you bettinamarie and sygmus for the lovely cards! My sister is jealous that I have so many wonderful friends!
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