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Ups and Downs

Welcome, welcome, fangirl_complex! I hope I don't frighten you off!

Today has been... not so great. I finished the first chunk of that rush volume, but Photoshop decided it was really tired so things took longer that I had hoped. Still, getting that done was good. I also got the next part of the script and there are a number of easy pages, so that's nice.

The thing that really set me off was a trip to the mall with my mother and sister. Long story short, she's annoyed that I occasionally text people and that people occasionally text me. *sigh* Oh well.

BUT! My Jolteon canvas plush came in! He's adorable! His name is Voltaire. And and and I ordered a new hard drive. I'll have to partition it, so I'm thinking of naming the partitions Dresden and Mister... or maybe The Doctor and... I dunno... The Master or something. It'll probably be something TV-related because it'll be another TV/Movie drive. I'm really excited to get this new drive in, but I don't know why.

Anywho, there are still pages that need to be lettered! Away I go!

Please give me your name and address in this post if you'd like a holiday card! I'm going to send these out this week, so this is the last time I'm going to mention it. =)
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