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slr2moons was talking about doing a comic for NaNoWriMo, and I really like the idea so I am doing the same! The goal is 50 comic pages in the month of November!

However!!! After trying to figure out what comic to do work on, I realized I would like to work on a whole bunch and I'm having great trouble deciding which to work on! If you have the time, could you give me your opinion?

Roi: Best Trainer Ever

He's an asshole who can talk to his Pokémon. They're a strong team who have taken on the more... annoying parts of his personality. Together they battle their way across the country, taking on all opponents and just generally being a jerk.

Steampunk High School - Chapter 2ish

Time-travelling science teacher Allen Key and his assistant Shota try to protect the world from all manner of danger. Whether it be bored chimney sweeps or Queen Elizabeth's strange dressing habits, they'll get to the bottom of it.

(Note: This was the story I did for Orichalcum last year, so this would be a continuation of some sort.)

Ziel Symphonie - Chapter 2

Flynn Wouden and his best friend mentor lord and master shape-shifting coyote partner Aster travel the Wild West with the researcher Elizabeth to discover and protect ancient ruins from those who would do them harm. Also, lots of ancient spirits and crazy magic. And stuff.

(Note: This is the story I did for Tricycle Box, 5PKBC's first book in 2005ish. This chapter would probably be focused around the cougar spirit, Julius.)

Like Clockwork

In a town on the border of two warring states, Cielra and her younger brother Claus run a café. When the war comes knocking, they and their friend, the mail carrier Hyo, must try to protect themselves and their café.

(Note: This is what I was going to do for Orichalcum before Jesse and Juli helped me come up with Steampunk High.)

Forest of Swords

Long, long ago the world was overrun by monsters. Heroes would slay these beasts and seal them in their swords. To prevent the swords from falling into the wrong hands, they hid the swords deep in a dark, dark forest. Overtime, the hate from the sealed beasts created an enormous monster, Dis, the King of Demons. Dis ruled over the forest and it's surrounding lands, spreading fear and distrust throughout the people and dividing the many races. What were once proud, powerful people were made weak and scared by the terror caused by the Demon King.

One race, dog-like Fiun, lived on the edge of the dark forest, praying for the day the Demon King would be defeated. Their prayers were not in vain. One day, a young man appeared in their village, seeking the strength to vanquish the cruel king. Skilled in metalworking, the Fiun decided to assist the young man, making the finest armor and weapons. The young man's battle was long and hard, but he eventually sealed the Demon King into a magnificent sword, burying it in the heart of the forest. The Fiun became the protectors of the forest, watching out for any danger and preventing the swords' seals from being broken ever again.

Eons later, the half-Fiun children Deshret and Femet must deal with a possible threat to the safety of the swords.

(Note: A couple years back, Nur and I sent each other comic prompts. We provided each other with basic outlines of the story and the world the story would take place in. We never got around to drawing any pages, but I recently uncovered my notes I had written up for this.)

Masks of Beasts

A family of Noh and Kyogen actors have the ability to utilize the powers embedded in masks. By wearing masks they can gain the abilities of that which the mask represents... the speed of a cheetah, the flight of a falcon, the camouflage of a chameleon. There is one catch though... if they use the masks too long, they start to become the creature themselves.

(Note: This is (a slightly altered version of) the story prompt I wrote for Nur. I totally forgot about it until I dug up the Forest of Swords stuff)


Based on the above descriptions, which would you be most interested in reading?

Roi: Best Trainer Ever
Steampunk High School - Ch 2ish
Ziel Symphonie - Ch 2
Like Clockwork
Forest of Swords
Masks of Beasts
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