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Where did you go, internet?

I woke from a nightmare at 2am and was unable to go back to sleep, so I tried to surf the internet... just to find the internet was out. I tried a couple things to try to fix it, but no dice. I ended up laying in bed for a long time before finally falling asleep.

I woke up this morning hoping it would magically work again, but nope! I tried to restart the router, but that did nothing except make our network completely disappear from my computer. So I called my brother for help and he walked me through a few things. According to the modem, we got the internet working again, but I still couldn't find the network, so NO INTERNET FOR ME.

Long story short, hopefully Nur's magic can fix the internet tonight, if not, I don't know when I'll be on next! (Geh!!)My parents say I can always come by and steal their internet if I need to, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow. We'll see!

(This is super annoying, but I can focus better on work, and that's definitely good! =D)

Oh! I should probably mention good things! I got my flu shot today because my mom was going to the hospital anyway. I don't like getting shots, but hopefully this will help prevent getting the flu this season! I like the peace of mind it gives me. But the best part of the day was finishing up some corrections and the next section of Crown of Love! I didn't think I was worried about getting it done or anything, but it really feels like a weight off my shoulders having those turned in!

Kingyo Used Books Chapter 4 is out, and SOOOOO GOOD. BILLYYYYYYY~ ♥ I want to read Billy Puck now. SO BADLY.
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