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Hoi hoi Happy Birthdays

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO deskitty, the_josho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO khyungbird, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to scaper84!!

Today was very lazy. I got the work I needed to done, but it didn't take long. I didn't feel like doing any cosplay work or working ahead for real work, so I sat on my butt all day. Tonight I'll probably clean some pages to make the next few days a little easier on myself or something.

A month or so ago I was working on an AMV. A simple one, just for fun. I got tired of it and tossed it to the side, but now I want to do another one. Just for fun. I'm going through my music to see if anything catches my fancy now. =\

Mmmmeeehhhh. The worst thing about these lazy days is that I often feel so bleh by the end of them. Who knew working made me feel better than just sitting around?
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