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It's been a long week, and a short week.

Well, either way it's been an eventful week.

On Tuesday I went into the city. I spent the first half of the day working on Tegami Bachi and the second half hanging out in J-Town and playing Pokémon Pearl. In the evening, Nur and I saw Honey and Clover at Viz Cinema. Good movie. I still like the anime the best out of all versions, but it was quite good. They also showed the first episode of the anime dubbed, and the dubbing wasn't too bad. Nur didn't care for it, but once I got over the shock of it being dubbed, I rather enjoyed the dub voices.

Wednesday was the day of the poop incident. Not only was this nasty beyond belief, but it put me back on the amount of Pokémon corrections I was hoping to get through.

On Thursday, I finished Tegami Bachi work for the chapter and a healthy dose of Nora blue line corrections that were pretty much because I wasn't paying attention to bleeds very well. Bleh. But I did finally finish my Lucario sweatshirt! I want to take better pictures of it, but if I don't, I'll post the webcam shots I took this morning. I also beat Volkner in Pearl. His gym was really fun!

Today I finished the Pokémon corrections, but I was very slow, so they took all day. I received a stern and somewhat humiliating email that prompted some more blue line corrections. Again, it was my fault, but the email made me feel really, really bad. Partially rightfully so! But still, I didn't like feeling so bad. But now, with corrections out of the way, I got to start work on Crown of Love! It's really a breeze to work with so far, and I'm enjoying working on it! The next two weeks will be shared between it and Hyde (although it'll mostly be Hyde at first).

Alas, I did not get around to cutting out fabric for my Halloween costume! Hopefully that'll be done by Monday.
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