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Japan 2008: Kyoto Part D (08/20/08) and Osaka Part A (08/21/08)

Thank-you for all the wonderful comments on the last entry! You are all too kind and reading those comments really made me feel good. ♥

Nur and I headed over to Toji Temple for their very large flea market. Seriously, there were like, a thousand stalls there. And I may be exaggerating a tiny bit. Seriously, just a tiny bit.

Lots of people too, of course. I'm not all that great in big crowds, so I couldn't stay there too long. Sorry Nur. We got some Takoyaki,and it was good! Octopus is a bit too chewy for me, but these were good!

We headed back to Kyoto station and finished the Atom x Kitaro stamp rally and then went to one of the Atom x Kitaro shops. Lots of cool stuff was bought. =D We went to the top of station and saw where they had burned kanji into the hills. Very neat.

Then Nur and I decided to go the International Manga Museum. The place was GREAT! It was less of a museum and more of a fantastic manga library. You could grab manga that was decades old off the shelf and read it. But they still had museum-y things like the first issues of Weekly Jump and stuff. Pretty damn sweet. The place was an old elementary school, if I recall correctly, so that was cool too.

The next day we hopped on the Shinkansen and headed to Osaka. After finding our hotel, we decided to go to Den-Den town... basically the Akihabara of Osaka...

...except that it's pretty depressing. A lot of stores were closed and look at the Mai Relax sign! IT'S CROOKED! Guys! Straighten your sign!!

Still, there were a lot of really awesome places there! I got all sorts of used DVDs and figures. And check out the Hero Gangu sign! COOL.

Osaka Gundam's. Filled entirely with... Gundam stuff. Who would have guessed?

In front of Hero Gangu. KAMEN RIDER HELLS YES!

We headed back as it got dark and noticed this tower. It seemed incredibly familiar and suddenly... it hit me. I LETTERED THIS TOWER IN ULTIMATE MUSCLE. This horrible, horrible tower! I was but a wee letterer when I had to work with this! The tower itself is pretty cool, the lights on the top tell what type of weather to expect.

The shopping area around the tower... I lettered this area too. A NIGHTMARE, I TELL YOU. A NIGHTMARE. But... walking through it was a very neat experience. It was like going back to a familiar neighborhood for the first time in a long time. I felt like I could navigate through the area with my eyes closed (of course, I wouldn't actually be able to, absolutely not, but I felt like I could). I guess lettering the area was a good character building experience in the end. =D

Anyway, that's all for this update. It's short this time, but next time will be very, very, VERY long and include the Tezuka Museum, a dance competition, Osaka Castle, and KITTIES. Good stuff.
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