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Dexter and Dyson

I think I avoided con plague from Fanime, just to be hit with something a week later. I'm hoping it's just an allergy thing that I'll get over soon. I seem to keep getting little spells of sickness or something. At least they only last a for a short bit.

Rewatching some of Dexter season 1, and am falling in love with it all over again. Oh Dexter, you're so broken and so lovable. It also renews my interest in finishing reading the book I have on serial killers. Thanks, Dexter!!!

I was getting lunch today, and Dyson seemed really interested in the sourdough bread, so I ripped off a tiny piece for him. He gobbled it up! Then I got him to follow me around for another little bit. I really doubt it's good for him, so I'll only give him some for treats, but he's SO CUTE when he gets some.

Now back to work! I have one more page of this chapter to do, but it keeps crashing on it! Gaaaah, frustration!
Tags: con, dexter, dyson, injury, work
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