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My (not so) crazy life

It's been a fairly good week. As if a blessing from the cosplay gods, work this month looks like it will be light. I may be way behind on cosplay stuff, but I think I'll be able to manage thanks to the light work load.

On Thursday, I hung out with Amanda for the first time in a long time. We went out to lunch and chatted, then I went to her place and checked out her fish. Watching her koi swim in their pond was sooooo relaxing. I feel like I could do it for hours. They were all really pretty too!

I finally started watching BBC's Merlin, and I'm really enjoying it. I really love the Arthurian legends, and I love it when people reinvent the stories (or at least change it up a bit). The characters are all fun and interesting and the stories are a blast. Anthony Stewart Head as Uther? HOLY CRAAAAPPP SO WEIRD! I hated Uther at first because he's so blind to reason on certain subjects, but he really doe care for hi kindom and has a lot of good points, so I can't hate him anymore. Arthur and Merlin have had some great scene together, I see why people ship them. Oh, and Gwen? Totally hot. I have a question for all my UK-based friends though... is it common for series to change time slots as often as Merlin seemed to? And it is common for shows to start half past the hour, ten past the hours, etc, etc? The files I have have an announcer at the end saying when Merlin is going to be on next, and it almost always seems like it's, "And Merlin will be back next week at the earlier/later time of 7:30/7:10/6:40!" I guess I'm just used to the "on the hour" time slot for hour-long shows that is used here in the states. Hearing those times brings me back to Cal Poly time, where nothing starts on the hour (Except Minna).

It's finally raining here again! Well at least, it rained yesterday. I went to Starbucks and drank hot cocoa while watching the rain. It's one of my favorite lazy activities. ♥
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