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Went to my parents' house today (long long trip up the street and up a hill) to hunt for easter eggs and have breakfast. Nur came, my sister was there, as well as my brother and his awesome girlfriend. Our easter eggs were awesome, my sister and I dyed them yesterday. We always have fun drawing on the eggs. This year I drew some of my characters (Sev and the Hyldust), a Pikachu, and my favorite of the set, SD Dexter. I just really like drawing SD Dexter. Unfortunately, drawing him with a crayon and putting in his stubble made it look like he has chicken pox. Sorry Dex.

The rest of the day has been pretty annoying so far... Because of the holiday, almost everywhere we tried to go was closed. Target, Container Store, Costco, Chipotlé... even Jamba Juice! Although Jamba Juice was actually closed because that location shut down last week. At least Borders and Barnes and Noble were open! I was able to pick up the next Dresden book in the series (which was surprisingly hard to find!), xxxHolic 13, and a bargain bin book about serial killers and forensic science. Pretty awesome.

I've been watching Moonlight, which is extremely hilarious. I mean, it's like a wannabe Angel series. Vampire who wants to be human? Check. Vampire who is a private eye? Check. Vampire in love with a human? Check. Emo to the extreme? Check (although I think this is true for 90% of vamp series). I'm pretty much watching it because it does make me laugh ever so often. I have to admit, I really like the light vampy eyes and the growling the vamps do. GRRRROOOORRRRLLL!

I started Torchwood this morning and I've enjoyed what I've seen. I guess I'm supposed to watch Doctor Who first, but for some reason I wanted to watch Torchwood. Too bad both the Torchwood and Doctor Who DVDs are really expensive. ~_~ I'll just continue to download episodes for now.
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