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Painting Crews and Fringe ep 14

I just caught up with Fringe and DAAAMNNN KIDS things are getting strange. The last four episodes have consisted with me yelling at the screen for Peter to do things, most of which he actually does. It makes me feel like I have psychic powers or something, but it's probably because all I've wanted him to do would be things that would show he's a good guy, and he is a good guy, so... I guess I have not developed psychic powers. I have so many questions regarding this show, and I don't know when they will be answered! Not until the show starts up on 4/7 again, that's for sure. Alas.

For the last week or so, a crew has been repainting the apartment complex. I'm not entirely sure what colors our building is, as I haven't gone outside since they started painting two days ago, but from what I can tell by looking out the window, they've simply switched the two colors the building was painted before. It has been pretty awkward watching them work, because my desk looks out a window which they keep setting up their ladders around. They also seem to be using the high tech method of ripped pieces of cardboard to protect non-paint areas. It seems so strange for a professional company to do, but it seems to work just fine for then so I can't say much against it.

Amazon is having some sort of Sci-Fi TV sale, so I finally picked up Firefly and the first season of Heroes. Nur gave me all of The Wire for a b-day present, so I swear I'm going to have enough to watch to last me MONTHS. But, I'll probably order Slings and Arrows and Criminal Minds sometime soon. I love having a variety of shows to choose from when I want to watch something.

I've been thinking about rewatching Baccano! again, but I have so many other anime series I should actually get off my butt and FINISH, I'm not sure. OH THE DECISIONS. MY LIFE IS SO HARRDDDDDD. (Oh, but work has honestly been a bit tough lately... just nothing really to whine about, for once!)
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