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TV Show Reccomendations

Hey guys, I have recently become a huge TV whore. After so many years without cable (which in that area meant no channels at all), I don't really know what's good or fun or what. Now that I'm in the new apartment, I once again don't get any channels, but I'm very interested in watching new shows (whether from DVDs, hulu, network sites, or downloading). It's so many times easier to watch something in English than something in Japanese (or other languages I don't have full understanding of) while I work, so I've been whipping through shows like no one's business. This means that I'm running through shows quite fast and am constant need or new material.

So, what do you guys recommend? I really like crime shows (especially those involving science) and I'm a big fantasy fan. I'm not a big fan of medical series, but I'm willing to give just about anything a chance. Currently, I am watching:

Bones (♥♥♥)
Burn Notice (I honestly bought the first season for Bruce Campbell, but I'm enjoying it)
CSI (I realized I had never seen the first season...)
Dexter (♥♥♥)
Lie to Me (Watched an ep on hulu, enjoyed it well enough)
Numb3rs (Charlie is so cute!)

I also have the first seasons of NCIS and CSI: New York coming in.

I have never really watched a lot of (non-historical, non-biological) TV shows, but I've also enjoyed Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, due South (♥♥♥♥♥♥), Now and Again, and the Pretender. I know I should watch Heroes and Lost, but Lost doesn't pique my interest right now, and I'm going to watch Heroes with Nur sometime. I saw some of House and thought it was pretty good, but just not my thing. I really want to watch The Wire, but $50 for a season is holding me back right now. T^T

Thanks guys~!
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