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Yesterday I took some time off of work to go with Nur to Ikea in order to get some new furniture for our apartment. We picked up two bookshelves and a glass display case (for our statues and figures!). After, we went to Berkeley Surplus Store which was SO DAMN COOL. They had all sorts of awesome things there... I was so tempted to get amunition boxes for storage, but decided against it because I couldn't think of what I would put in there. I was tempted to get officer jackets and helmets, but was able to pull myself away.

BUT. They had Orland gear there. Yes. Orland gear. Like, Randel Orland of Pumpkin Scissors. I found his two of the shirts he wears during the series. COLOR ME EXCITED. I also found a hat that is similar to the one he wore in the war. So... I bought it. It was only $7, so I don't feel so bad. I'll add the metal plate to the front once I start the metal work for my Hermes costume. I think I'll buy at least one of the shirts he wears next time and put together a quick Orland costume. I'll need to learn how to make some awesome scars and get a new wig, but I think it'll be a blast running around as the shortest, scrawniest Orland ever. I'm a little torn that the entire costume would be bought, but I'm not going to wear it to show off my sewing skills, I'm going to wear it because I love the character and think it would be a lot of fun. It's almost a shame that gender bent characters aren't popular in the fandom though, because that would make it easier to cosplay him!!

Thinking of Orland... His "last name" is most definitely Oland, not Orland thanks to some explanation in v10 of the manga, but I still can't bring myself to call him Oland. Bugger.

Urrghhh, I'm running through DVDs so fast now! I can't work in my room anymore (because my room is a mess and my chair is at Nur's), so I work downstairs and put on DVDs to prevent my brain from entering a state of work-induced mush. In the last week I've finished watching The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr (a completely awesome blast from my past), Bones season 1, Speed Grapher (still love you, Saiga!), and the vast majority of Ergo Proxy (for the billionth time). I have so much to watch still, but I can only pay attention to shows in english and shows I've already watched, because my Japanese is not good enough to completely understand what's going on without watching the screen constantly. Bugger again!
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