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Jump Anniversary - Letter Bee



Has anyone else watched the animated Letter Bee special? UGHHH. I think it's SO BAD. It's pretty ugly, I don't like the colors they used (they seem to bright for the series), the CG is ugly, and the translation is ??????????.

Maybe I'm just too used to the other english translations I've read, but the official (so I hear) subs are completely different from them. They call the Shindanshuu (I think that's the Japanese for their guns) a "Cordial Gun." That just seems strange. Kurobari (black needle in what I've read) is "Black.... Blast" or something. Gauche is Goos, and Lag is a girl. YES. They refer to Lag as "she." DUDE I KNOW LAG IS A BOY. IF YOU'VE READ THE FIRST CHAPTER, YOU'VE SEEN THAT HE'S A BOY. There are other translations that are freaking weird too. Who made these "official" subs???

For such an amazing series, this is a really disappointing adaptation.

I do have to admit though, I still cried quite a bit at the end. It was the story about the dingo Darwin. T^T

From toggy:
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