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The Interesting Life of a Letterer, part 4

Hit all three deadlines last night (okay, so one of them was at 11:30pm, but it was still technically Monday), and I'm feeling incredibly ugh, so I'm taking today easy and just going to focus on my Thursday deadline, which shouldn't be so bad. I'll see if I can get some other pages for a further deadline done tonight, but I really want to get over this being sick thing, so I'm not going to push myself.

Hahaha, so about a year ago, I was talking to an editor at Viz and I was telling her that if she had any series that she needed a letterer for come June, I was all for it. She picked up a volume of one series and said, "you want to letter this? I need you to start soon though." I declined, because I was still in school and working on two series filled my time up pretty well. Plus, I told her, there was one two-page spread in it that would give any letterer nightmares. When I was first reading the series (when the Japanese volumes were first coming out), I had pointed out the page to Nur and said that it would be a horrible nightmare to work on that page and that whatever poor shmuck had to letter it had my blessings.

So fast-forward to the last few weeks. I am now working on said series. I said I would work on it because 1) the editor is awesome, 2) making money is good, and 3) Hell-spread is early on in the series and I would be starting from volume 3.

Hah. No. Not so much. That's what I was working on until late last night. That damn spread. That poor shmuck who had my blessings? Turned out to be me. Unfortunately, my blessings don't count for much. Oh, irony.

In other news, Roji hits girls in the baby-maker. (Oh man, I ran out of raws! Does anyone have raw scans for volume 11+? I don't know if I can last until I can make it over to Kinokuniya again. T^T)
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