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Goddamn Show!

I haven't checked out many of the new series yet. For most of them I'm just waiting to hear what others think of them before checking anything out. I watched Casshern Sins yesterday and enjoyed it (although I am pretty confused about the story right now, perhaps I should research the previous series), and I plan on watching Kuroshitsuji later today. My Fall Seaon Watched List may be pathetically short, but one series has definitely emerged as a winner. Tales of the Abyss.

I had been wanting to play the game for AGES, but I wanted to finish Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Legendia first (yes, I know they don't connect, but I felt I should play them in order). I'm only about 30% done with Legendia, so I kept refusing the urge to buy Abyss.

But dammit, watching the first episode pushed me over the edge. As soon as it finished, I bought the game. The anime was so pretty and the characters seemed so interesting, I can't wait to play it! Sorry, huge stack of games I haven't finished, I think I'll be spending all my non-work and non-cosplay time on this game!


.....and I totally want to cosplay from the game now... OTL
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