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Dio Costume Progress

How far am I? Like zero percent. Ughhhhhh I need to get really serious about this soon.

I told kiraqueen I'd post pictures of my claws a while ago, so I'm finally fulfilling that. I just took pictures of everything I had out/ready/bought/whatever was laying around.
-Tail fabric, tan base with dark brown splotches. And the possible spine for said tail.
-Wig of hideous. There is one spike I like on it. DAMN YOU MULLET!!
-Foot-Claws unpainted. They're still drying, so I can't sand them or paint them or anything for a little while still.
-My plain black shirt and the green scaled fabric I'm going to use for the stripey-thingys on the shirt. Colors are obviously not the same, but I really liked the fabric and thought it would work. XD;; (If you can guess what totally new costume the fleece under it is for, you win an internet. NO GUESSING FOR YOU, NAT.)
Thank-you Araki, for not having any definite colors for your characters' outfits. =D

The goal for this costume is no longer quality. It's fun and slight hilarity (I mean, it's Raptor!Dio!). Sorry JoJofags, I don't think it'll turn out anywhere in the same ballpark as your awesome outfits. =(
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