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Ye gods, I'm so excited. Only one week before Nur and I leave on our trip!! He sent me a WikiMap last night, so I've been exploring Tokyo. I found Tokyo Disney Sea, which looks AWESOME. We had no plans of visiting, but IT LOOKS SO COOL. That sent me on a quest to find pictures, which led me to finding this person's flickr, which is FILLED with awesome pictures from when she and her family lived in Japan. UWAH. SO MUCH COOL. Back to Disney Sea though, they have an entire section for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea related stuffs. It looks totally wicked. Nur and I have put Disney Sea on our list of, "well, if we have time and there aren't other cooler things to do..." I found Tokyo Big Site too, which, honestly, I was searching for the entire time. Wow, I use commas way too much.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY leafing!!!!
Someone is lllleeeeegaaallll now!!! Don't let all that crap you've had to deal with get you down! ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER and all that! =D
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