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Kid's Books Rule.

Hahaha, what you guys said about my encounter with the water balloon kids was awesome. I had a great time reading all the responses. You guys are also too nice to me. ♥

Now that I don't have school projects to worry about and the biggest parts of my days are unpacking and doing usual Viz work, I have time to do something I've been missing: reading. I always read lots of manga, but I haven't had a lot of time to really sit down with a novel lately.

I helped my mom in her classroom last week, and she let me borrow some books from her library. I picked up books 2-5 of the Spiderwick Chronicles and the first book of the Septimus Heap series. I had wanted to read Spiderwick for a while, but the library at Poly didn't have it, and when I tried to go to the city's library, it was closed (on a Monday???). So I decided to wait until I got back to San Ramon. Luckily, my mom had 2-5, but book 1 was no where to be found! I can't read a series starting from book 2! When I went to the library yesterday, they didn't have it either. Bother.

Since I was unable to start Spiderwick, I dove into the first Septimus Heap book, "Magyk." (Magyk is a totally cool way of writing magic, am I right?) It was pretty slow at first, but I ended up reading something like two hundred pages yesterday in between arguing with my sister, running errands, doing work, and unpacking. I would have probably stayed up and finished the book, but I had a strange headache that I didn't want to get any worse. This morning I poured through the next hundred or so pages before tearing myself away to work, then finally getting to finish the book during lunch.

Oh man. Ohhhh man.

It's definitely not the best book I've read, but it's sort of like Harry Potter... the world you get sucked into is so fantastic, it's addicting. I completely fell in love with Boy 412 (in an adoring way, of course. He's TEN, for crying out loud). He's so adorable! I wanted to sit him down and pat his head like some sort of puppy. I was smiling and giggling so much towards the end of the book, I thought my face would split in two. Oh, it made so happy! Now I can't wait to get the next book!! And I want to draw Boy 412, lots. In his red hat. And in his retarded guard-wear. And the boat. That was a cool boat. And Maxie and Nicko and Jenna and everyone. *sigh* First I'll need to work more on unpacking!

I really should get around to finishing the Darren Shan series. That's some fun stuff too. I've been really lazy and just following the manga, but I really should finish reading the books. I'm about half way through book 7 (of twelve), and I already own book eight, so I have a least a couple more days of reading with those. I never really cared all that much for vampire stories before these books.

I really want to read the Earthsea books too, but the local library didn't have any. The library didn't have the next Septimus (Septimus is a cool name) book either. It didn't seem to carry any Darren Shan either. Bah. Luckily, there is an AWESOME used bookstore that Nur and I are going to tonight~! I hope they have some of the books I'm looking for.

I am in SUCH a fantastic mood right now.
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