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ensuing: blaaaahhhh stupid DVD releases... why does this first disc only have one episode T^T Also, Viz, please give me more work so I can afford the R2s
samiamwork: hahahahah, this Kurenai?
ensuing: yeah
ensuing: the cover of the first volume is ADORABLE
ensuing: with Shinkurou pushing Murasaki on a swing
samiamwork: awwwwww!
samiamwork: man I wish I could read the novels
ensuing: me too =<
samiamwork: I have to be careful or I might buy them
ensuing: hahahah
ensuing: Well, once I get a new job/come across money I'll probably get them
samiamwork: hahahhh awesome!

......then later I found out I hadn't sent in two invoices for work, so I have lots more money than I thought coming in. And I can totally afford to start buying the kure-nai discs (I think Nur gets to buy the novels). I think this is a sign. The kure-nai gods are watching out for me! Thank-you gods! Thank-you!

(Also episode 10 was pretty sad but pretty awesome and I'm so excited for the next episode!)
Tags: anime, kurenai, work
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