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First off,

HAPPY (very late) BIRTHDAY TO pacificpikachu and keikain!!!
I doodled something for you guys, but it's pretty hideous, so I put it under a cut.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Ginko for pacificpikachu. I think he looks way OOC. And stoned. Very stoned. I drew Ginko in blue and green for the door sign last week and it looked really good, so I thought I'd try a different color combo. Erm... I don't think it worked all that well. D=

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Bossun for keikain. Yeah, I don't really know. I was going to draw someone from Muhyo to Rouji, but it didn't turn out. So then I was going to draw something from Nurarihyon (HELLS YEAH), but nothing turned out. So I tried Sket Dance characters... and sadly, this is the best thing on the page. The pencil doodle next to him was the second best, so I decided not to cut it out.

I'm sorry you two. Really. T^T

Finals are done. DOOONNNNEEEE. My book is IN. Life is good. Except I can't calm down now. I still feel as nervous as I did before I turned in my book. Arrrggg, maybe it's because I'm anxious for my grade on it? =\

I started reading Birdy the Mighty again, and it is sooo awesome. There's going to be a half-season series coming out for it later this year. Excitement? Oh yes, oh yes. The OVA was really awesome, so hopefully the series will be at least that good. =D

WTF. I got charged twice for an online purchase, completely wiping out my checking account. Hopefully nothing tried to be charged before I caught the status of my account. I took the opportunity to e-mail the company about this problem and the fact that they charged me for a figure three months ago and it hasn't arrived yet. Ugh. At least I can take this opportunity to collect some of my debts from my friends and have some money. I just wish my paychecks would arrive. I'm a little tired of them being so late so often, because this is the second month in a row I've been low on money because my check hasn't arrived within the given timeframe. Ugh ugh ugh. I guess it's good that I won't need to pay for my own food for the next week since I'll be at home... XD
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