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The last few days have been so busy! I had two critiques on Friday along with a book building workshop (which was awesome and I now know how to hand make books), a long group meeting on Thursday, and another meeting today (and probably another one tomorrow). It's not super hard work, it's just mainly really annoying junk that I do not want to do. Plus, my brain has decided that, even though I'm absolutely dead on my feet, to wake up at 4:45am. GOOD JOB ME. GOOD JOB. On the positive side, I get to finally take a shower! I feel so nasty, I've been a bit too busy to take one the last two days (Say it with me: "EEEWWWWWW man you must smell").

But the thing that really makes all this crap okay is that I got to watch the sunrise this morning, and it was gorgeous. Right now it looks like the sky is on fire. It's really neat. =D
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