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Whoops, my bad

Ohhhh snaaaap I have to draw something for 30_kisses by tomorrow how could I have forgotten noooooes~. D= (although most of my pictures come out looking like I drew them in 30 seconds anyway, so no big deal I guess.

Thanks, professors for early midterms. Oh, I'm sorry, one is just a quiz (actually the same as a midterm for the class, but I think she doesn't want to give us two midterms, so they're two quizzes... because the frequent mini quizzes aren't enough). I was just reminded about these the other day too. This is why I bought a calendar... so I could right down when projects are due and when I have tests. Whoops. I actually tried reading my text book for one of the classes, but it was so utterly dull just to LOOK at the pages, I ended up just reading the chapter review sections.

Nur and I went to the GrC specialty lab's open hours tonight. I got to print my t-shirt design. I did a wonky bird-version Neuro design that I printed in a lilac on black shirts (plus one light blue one). We tried adding a glow-in-the-dark ink to it, but it doesn't seem like it worked. Oh well. I'll try to remember to take pictures later. This specialty printing class is freaking awesome.
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